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Review: Bodmin Jail Restaurant

I’ve already written about our day out at Bodmin Jail a little while ago, after enjoying the actual attraction, we headed in to the restaurant there for a late lunch.

You can actually use the restaurant without paying to go in to the jail, and it’s open all year. In the holiday season I’d suggest booking though, or if there will be a lot of you eating just in case.


Bodmin Jail Restaurant


The restaurant itself that we ate in has a bar area, and was really rather cosy. The seats were sturdy quality comfortable ones rather than some of the cheap mass-produced and uncomfortable ones I’ve been forced to sit on in some restaurants in the past. The place just has a real quality feel to it. I managed to get some photographs before we came back for lunch, so the place was empty and I didn’t have to edit anyone’s faces out thankfully.

Si and I had a bit of a giggle trying to work out what the stuffed animal on the wall in the restaurant was all about …


Stuffed hare with Antlers


He was actually quite cute strangely, although I hate taxidermy unless the animal died of natural causes…. so here’s hoping! When we went in to eat we were shown to a table really quickly by an especially friendly member of the staff behind the bar. There was plenty of choice on the menu and a specials board as well. If you go there to eat make sure you check out the specials board, as I have found in a lot of restaurants I’ve been to that that’s where the best dishes hide themselves!

Harley chose the sausages, chips and peas, Fin chose the cheese and tomato pizza with chips and beans. Harley’s sausages were lovely, proper butcher’s ones and cooked perfectly – they tasted great when I stole a bit too. Fin’s pizza was unfortunately a little over done at the edges which made it quite hard to cut.

He said it tasted okay though, so I didn’t worry about sending it back and I’m sure if it had been cooked for a little less time it would have been lovely.

The other options on the children’s menu were fish fingers, vegetarian nuggets, beef burger in a bap, mild chicken curry with rice and naan bread and home-made lasagne with salad. They all come with chips and beans or peas. I like the fact that on the kids menu you have the option to choose either a child’s portion or a tiny tots portion, so that you can pay less if you want a toddler sized portion.

The child’s portions were £5 each when we went and the tot’s ones £3. I think though if Fin was really hungry we’d order him an adults meal next time, as since he is 11 and a half he’s a bit old for child’s portions really and he only chose from that menu as he wasn’t especially hungry.

I ordered the cheese tortellini with a tomato and roasted vegetable sauce topped with parmesan shavings. It was absolutely delicious and a huge portion, I really do recommend it if you love pasta and eat there!

Simon ordered the gammon with pineapple and chips, which he said was cooked perfectly.


Food at Bodmin Jail Cornwall


Our waiter was a really nice….. I want to say ‘young man’ but it makes me sound old, but anyway he was really friendly and Si noticed he looked like Liam from One Direction, once I’d teased Si for knowing One Direction well enough to notice I had to agree.

However….. we heard him singing to himself as he worked and looks is definitely where the similarity ended ha! Apologies if he reads this and has future X Factor plans, but …. it’s a no from us.

We didn’t have dessert as we ran out of time, plus I was stuffed even though I didn’t manage the whole portion of pasta. I almost changed my mind as we walked past and saw others eating their dessert on the way out though, as they really did look good. We’ll definitely be trying them out next time.

I would definitely recommend a meal at Bodmin Jail as the staff are friendly but also efficient, the food is delicious and apparently their Sunday roast is well worth a visit as well.


Stevie x


*I was reimbursed the price of this meal for the purpose of this review, but no member of staff working there on the day knew that I was there to review, and all my opinions are my own and honest as always*



  • Donna

    This looks lovely compared to other tourist attraction restaurants – and I love that you can visit even if you don’t visit the jail. The food looks lovely! x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Ooh this looks great! I’m really liking the sound of Bodmin Jail after reading your reviews, we’ll definitely be paying it a visit when we are in the area. I love that they have a tots menu, we usually buy one child’s portion and our girls share it.

  • Geoff Sowden

    Tx for the review info. I am an Australian chasing family heritage & the internet has revealed that my family has the infamous James SOWDEN, of the early 19C riot, as a connection. Also a couple of wardens later in the century. Planning to dine & possible stay there on a trip over. Hope I get better food than “old James”.

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