Review: The New EE Robin Tablet for Children


Our review of the new Kid’s tablet from EE – The EE Robin Tablet with Hopster.


The new EE Robin Tablet


The boys are pretty technology mad, as I think most children are these days. They have so much more at their fingertips these days due to technology advancements, than I did as a child.


Child Safety and Parental Settings


As a parent it is my role to help them to enjoy technology as part of modern life, but also to protect them and ensure that they are safe when doing so. This is part of why I was so thrilled to be asked to review the new version of the EE Robin tablet recently. The tablet that really seems to have been designed with children’s safety in mind.


The tablet is so easy to set up for using with different users. There is a parent profile and you can add additional profiles for your children individually. This means that with the help of the many fantastic parental settings on the Robin tablet, you can set different levels of accessibility according to each child’s age.


Brilliant, as it can be equally used by a very small child and by a Tween and indeed by an adult. I can still have my social media apps, my photos and anything else I want on there without the boys being able to access them or accidentally delete them.


EE Robin Kid's Tablet


My eldest can have the apps and games suited to an almost teenager and his brother can have those more suited to a ten-year old. If we had younger children in the house, it would also work for them and let me lock them from the settings and from doing anything that they shouldn’t.


To me this is absolute genius and really helpful, especially in families where you share tablets. You can also set what hours of the day they are allowed to access the tablet – no sneaky late night under the cover tablet playing with this tablet. Also you can set how much time they are allowed on the tablet, block them from Google Play.


Plus you can also set the internet so that they can still go online and browse, but they can only access child friendly websites. They can access YouTube, but it is YouTube kids. Basically they can enjoy the internet safely.




In the box: Tablet, AC Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Micro USB Cable, Charger. Plus we had some stickers!

Size and weight: 191 x 109.4 x 9.25mm Weight: 257g

4G connectivity



Front and Rear Cameras

3 Months of hopster apps included

For full specifications and more information visit the EE Robin Kid’s Tablet page.


The Fun Stuff


The Robin tablet comes pre-loaded with lots of fun games for children and provides a shop to download new games appropriate to their age. There are television shows to watch, a calculator, educational activities and more. Our favourites are Brain It On! where you need to solve problems, such as how to get the ball to a certain place just by drawing things.


It is actually quite difficult, but fun to work together to do and most likely good exercise for your brain. We also love Pou, which reminds me so much of the old style Tamigotchis. You have your little friend Pou who needs you to play with him, feed him and keep his health up.


Pou on the Robin EE Tablet



There are more active games as well, such as the new motion games. With these games, you stand the Robin tablet up on the stand handle of the case and you do actions in front of the camera/tablet and you can play these games by moving your body. Such a good idea for getting children to still be active whilst enjoying their screen time.


Each child can personalise their own profile by changing their avatar, the theme and wallpaper. I really think this is a nice touch.


YouTube kids and all of the other apps on there are so easy to access and so many things are already pre-loaded on to the tablet, you can literally turn it on set the kid’s profile and they can go on and have fun. If you visit the EE website, you can see the different EE pay monthly plans


The Especially Great Bit


Not only can you use the tablet like any other tablet on Wi-Fi, but with the use of a sim card and 4G you can actually go online with the tablet away from a Wi-Fi source as well. This could be so helpful on long car journeys, where your child usually moans as all their favourite apps are ones that need Wi-Fi or that they can’t access YouTube.


From an adults perspective, if you use the tablet yourself as well, it can be really handy for checking emails and having a flip through things like the news and Instagram whilst waiting in the car on the school run or similar. Despite the fact it is marketed towards children with all the amazing safety features, it is very much a family tablet for everyone.


Just like a mobile phone, you can either choose to have the tablet on a pay monthly deal or pay as you go. I like that there is the option for either and ours is pay as you go. I will be topping it up whenever we go on holiday, supposedly for the boys, but also for me to be able to access my blog if I need to.


The Not so Good Bit


At 2 mega pixels the camera really isn’t great. However it is good enough for children to use for playing on apps and messing around taking photos, which is really what it’s for.


Hopefully if they do another version of the Robin they’ll improve the camera for those who do use tablets for photography. It didn’t make any difference to us as we don’t use tablets for photos and it was a similar quality camera to the one on another tablet we own. I also don’t think the poor winter light helped.


Our verdict


We love the EE Robin Kid’s Tablet, I may even let the kids use it occasionally – if they ask nicely and wrestle it off of me. It works well for all of us as a family and taking it in turns to play some of the games has made our usual tablet usage much more sociable. It’s a great quality tablet and fantastic that it comes with a very good quality case, that also works as a stand for it.


The case is also easily removable and the tablet underneath just looks like a regular tablet, not childlike at all. This means that you won’t have to worry about the tablet being outgrown by your children. The case is great, though it does attract fluff as the eagle-eyed may have spotted in my photos. You can wipe it off though and clean the case.


As children get older, you can change the parental settings to meet their ages and eventually remove it completely as well.


The safety features on this tablet are above and beyond anything I have ever encountered and I really wish it had been around when the boys were smaller, as I would have had peace of mind for much longer.


To Be Continued….


Since we haven’t had the EE Robin tablet for long, I will at some point update this post to say how we got on with it over a longer period of time and add in comments about any of the features that we haven’t investigated fully yet. So far so good though!


Stevie x


We were sent the tablet by EE for the purpose of this review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are our own and honest.
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  1. 23 December 2016 / 11:59 pm

    This sounds like the PERFECT tablet. I would love to get a couple of these for my little ones!
    I’m all about blocking & settings timers.
    Happy Christmas! xx

    • 24 December 2016 / 12:01 am

      This tablet just makes it all so easy to do as well! Happy Christmas to you as well, it’s officially Christmas Eve now!

      Stevie x

  2. 24 December 2016 / 1:14 pm

    We were saying this morning that we may get a tablet for the kids so this would be perfect!

  3. 26 December 2016 / 2:47 pm

    This sounds great Stevie, I like the fact that it can be used on 4G. My girls use a tablet just for playing a few games and watching the iPlayer occasionally, it would be useful to set up their own profiles on it.