Thermapen 4 Thermometer

Review: ETI SuperFast Thermapen 4 Thermometer


My review of the ETI (Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd) SuperFast Thermapen 4 Thermometer.


Thermapen 4 Thermometer


Several years ago I gave Simon food poisoning. It was actually almost six years ago and he still shows no sign of forgiving and forgetting. In my defence, I have never claimed to be good at cooking.


He was the first person I had ever actually poisoned with my cooking, that I know of. At 33 years of age, I actually think that’s a pretty good record really.


In case you wonder how I poisoned him … I was making us both a cooked breakfast with some lovely butcher’s sausages. Only in my old house, my grill was rubbish and there wasn’t a lot of room in my frying pan. I took his sausages out a bit earlier than my own so that I could fit in some mushrooms for myself.


Since we had only been dating for a short while, he was too polite to mention that he suspected he was eating half raw sausages. Mine were absolutely delicious, his led to him being extremely ill and me feeling guilty for a long time afterwards.


Strangely enough, when I was offered the chance to review a Thermapen for checking that meat is properly cooked, Si was adamant that I should say yes. So to save the risk of ever poisoning him again I did just that.


Thermapen 4 Thermometer


I have to say I was impressed with how the Thermapen looks. It folds up to look nice and tidy and it also has a decent sized screen, perfect for reading at a quick glance when you are busy dishing up your meal. It does come in other colours on the ETI Ltd website, but I chose the white one as I do like the clean streamlined look.


I really do like the reassurance that having a thermometer for meat now gives me, and Si has stopped hovering in the kitchen so much to check I am actually cooking the meat well. To use it you simply have to unfold it and pop the tip into the meat you have cooked. It starts working automatically and cleverly lights up as well when you need it to. The display also rotates with you to make it easy to read at different angles.


Thermapen thermometer in chicken


The temperature above actually tells me that I have cooked the chicken for a bit too long really, but a school night roast is never a perfect one. There is a really handy guide that comes with the Thermapen, that lists all sorts of different types of meat and what temperature they should be to be safe to eat.


It even lets you know what temperature it would be for rare, medium rare etc as well as a guide. Obviously, the actual cooking part is left to you, but the Thermapen adds a good safety element to the cooking process. If your cooking is like mine, then this may well be one of the best and most sensible things you could ever buy.


He will hopefully one day forgive me for poisoning him once, but I don’t think I should risk it a second time…. If you like the look of this then you can purchase a Thermapen 4 Thermometer on the ETI site.


Stevie x



  • Pickinguptoys

    I have to say I did giggle at you trying to poison him but how sweet is it that he didn’t want to hurt your feelings?! Every Xmas I say we should buy one of these for the the Turkey and every year I forget!! I will get round to it…one day! X

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