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Review: Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board

We were recently sent a Glow Art neon effect drawing board to review by CDK Developments.


Glow Art neon drawing board


I am not the best at drawing, but I do love doodling so this board is quite possibly more for me than the boys. Hence why I chose the pink as I love the colour.


I have included a YouTube video further down that I have made, to show you a bit more of what the board is actually like. If you do watch it, feel free to subscribe, as I will be using my YouTube channel a lot more in future.


When  you open the box to the Glow Art drawing board, you find inside the board and four special fluorescent pens to use on it. The board needs 3 AA batteries, which aren’t included. The batteries were easy to put in to the back and the battery compartment isn’t screwed shut, which for me is a plus. I can understand the safety aspect of having battery compartments screwed shut, but I really think when they are, they should come with a mini screwdriver the right size to use.


When I first opened the box, I did have a brief moment of eek the screen looks awful and scratched. It was actually just a screen protector sticky film on both sides, so make sure you remember to peel that off before you start drawing. There is also a stand on the back so that you can stand it up.


Glow Art drawing neon board


Above is the boys’ doodling efforts with the board turned on. After you draw on the board, you turn on the switch at the back to turn the neon lights on. It looks brilliant, especially in a darker room or the dark.


There is a button on the front of the board, which you can press to change the colour of the lights and therefore the colours of the drawings. You can also use it to change the pattern of the lights, so they can flash different colours quickly or slowly, only show certain colours or just the 1 colour.

There are actually 36 built-in lighting effects. You can see what I mean in my video below, with some of my own dodgy drawing skills on show.



The board does exactly what it should and looks great. We all really enjoyed playing with it, and I suspect there will be a battle over whether I keep it to play with or if they do.


If you aren’t as fantastic at drawing as I am (you can stop laughing now), then you can actually use a picture and trace it with the pens on to the board. If you would like to buy a Glow Art board yourself, then pop to the Glow Art website or on Amazon (affiliate link).


Good Luck! Stevie x



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