Review: Gobbit Card Game

We love games in our house, possibly because we are all awfully competitive. A game like Gobbit, where you need to compete and do some card slapping was asking for a little bit of trouble really.


Gobbit card game


I was impressed with the packaging of the Gobbit game, I don’t mean the cardboard shell outside as whilst colourful, that is pretty standard. I actually mean the inner box that the cards come in. It is a solid hard cardboard box with a sliding drawer compartment to store your cards in. Even the little booklet of rules for the game, is the right size to fit in the box with the cards so that it is always handy.


It is the perfect size for popping in your handbag or even your pocket for days out or visiting friends and family, and is strong enough to survive being thrown around in my handbag amongst all the things that I may randomly one day need. In all honesty my handbag is usually a disgrace…. never ever reach in there to get something, even if I ask you.


Actually if I don’t ask you… then you are basically stealing from me, so feel free to enjoy the health hazard that is my bag and the sore fingers from finding one of my son’s needles by accident…




Anyway back to the game! It is recommended for 2 to 8 players aged over six, but for the sake of not having to keep shuffling and handing out cards, I would say four or five as a max would work well personally. To start, you shuffle the cards and then hand the pack out equally with the cards face down until you have no more cards left.


No one is allowed to look at their cards, and going anticlockwise from who ever wants to start you gradually turn over one card each one after the other. On the cards are either snakes, flies, chameleons or a gorilla.


The creatures on the cards are different colours apart from the gorilla and basically if you turn over a creature the same colour as one someone else already has turned over, then you can quickly slap their cards with your hand and ‘eat’ them in the food chain order – the chameleon eats the mosquito, the snake eats the chameleon, and the gorilla eats anything.


This is where the competitive bit comes in with our household, you can imagine the speed of the slaps and the lack of accuracy with other people’s hands, as they can defend their pile by slapping as well. It makes the game pretty fast paced and funny though. Also if you slap wrongly, then there are consequences.


The gorilla means that you can attack anyone…. erm I mean anyone’s card pile, so it really is the card everyone wants. There are other ways to play and you can be a poltergeist once you run out of cards, which basically means you get to attack everyone else’s cards as soon as there is a pair – i.e really really annoy your brother.


The little instruction book with the game explains anything I may have left out here. Pretty much though it is one of those games that should be simple, but if you all play quickly then you do keep making mistakes and it does end up being very funny. It takes a few games for you to really get the hang of it and make it fast paced.


Definitely a good game for tweens and teens, but if you have a child who is likely to react very badly and cause world war three over their sibling slapping their hand repeatedly by accident (I am always suspicious of such accidents in this house….) then possibly not the best choice of games. For us, there were a lot of slapped hands but no war thankfully… just a few threats and unrepeatable words.


The game comes with a wristband as well, which apparently means you are permitted entry into all Gobbit tournaments taking place in stores throughout the UK. However bizarrely the website link on the information card that comes with the band, leads to a non-existent site, so I would just treat it as a nice bonus of a band to be honest.


Gobbi card game


Overall though a very funny game to play and you can buy Gobbit yourself from Rules of Play for £14 (price correct at the time of publishing).




*We were sent this game for the purpose of this review, but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and honest no matter how random*



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