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Review: Harley Street Hair Hamper

I was sent a hamper last month specially picked out by Nadeem the Clinic Director at Harley Street Hair Clinic. Here’s how I got on with the contents.


Harley Street Hair


My hair is a complete pain, it sheds everywhere – Si is especially happy when he finds it in his sandwiches – and as the years have gone on with me abusing it with hair colour and heat styling, it has thinned a lot. So I was happy to give this hamper a try, especially as some of the products were supposed to be good for thinning hair.


Harley Street Hair


My favourite of all the items by far, is the Phyto Paris Phytocyane densifying treatment shampoo, which you can see in the photo above. It claims to help with thinning hair for women and I have to say that my hair has shed a lot less whilst I’ve been using it. I’m hoping over time this will mean my hair looks thicker.

It’s a very runny shampoo, that has gink biloba extract in it to boost cell metabolism. For me, this shampoo really does work. It also makes my hair really shiny and I don’t seem to need conditioner when using it – in fact if I do my hair becomes greasy. Which is really something for someone whose hair has been too dry for a long time.

The little sachets in the photo above are verso night cream, which is actually for your face so a bit of a random add, but felt gorgeous on my skin nonetheless and added a bit of pampering to my testing. The other two sachets were from Sachajuan and are volume cream for blow drying and sculpting.

It works as a heat protector and this I loved. It gave my hair a bit of extra lift when blow drying it and seemed to help keep the frizz away as well. I think I’ll be buying a bigger thing of this soon.


Korres sachajuan

The Korres shampoo I was sent is supposed to help with dandruff and problem scalps and contains wheat germ that should cool the scalp. Strangely, it actually makes my scalp itch so I don’t use it any more. The boys use it though and don’t have a reaction, so it must be a personal intolerance to something in the shampoo sadly.

It does make the boys’ hair beautifully soft though, and their heads smell so fresh when they’ve had their hair washed with it.

The Sachajuan ocean mist volume shampoo above leaves my hair really shiny and it seems to give it a bit of extra oomph and life. It also smells amazing, I may have been sniffing my own hair a lot whilst testing this one out!

Neal's Yard


I had two items from Neal’s Yard in my hair care hamper from Harley Street. The nurturing rose shampoo, which I really liked and the rosemary and cedar wood hair treatment.

The rosemary and cedar wood hair treatment was a bit of a confusion to me at first. When I opened it and saw that it was completely solid, I thought that it must have gone out of date or had been ruined somehow. However, it is meant to be like that and when you run your fingers over it and warm it up, it does come off on to your fingers gradually. You could always use a little bowl of warm water to soften it easily as well.

This I found to be like having my own mini spa at home. You have to massage it in to your scalp and it is really relaxing. It was also brilliant for my scalp after the reaction to the Korres shampoo at cooling it and getting rid of the itchiness. I was glad you need to shampoo your hair afterwards though, as I’m not especially keen on the scent of it.

Unsurprisingly the  Harley Street Hair Clinic really know their stuff and some of these will be becoming my regulars now.

Stevie x

*I was sent the items in the hamper for the purpose for an honest review and as always this is what I have given*


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