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*CLOSED* Review: LiveLean 82 Piece Meat Hamper Giveaway


Often when I am asked to review things Simon rolls his eyes a bit and moans about where we’re going to put whatever it is. Funnily enough though, when LiveLean asked if we would like to review a huge box of meat and run a competition for them, Si was pretty keen for me to say yes.


A lot of people say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Pretty sure the biology of that is a bit skewiff, plus I have been known to give Simon food poisoning … Luckily the dishes that I am good at cooking are all very much meat based, so the review wouldn’t result in any hospital trips.


I was really impressed with just how much was in our LiveLean delivery.


LiveLean Meat Hamper


We received the LiveLean 82 Piece Best of British Super Lean Meat Hamper. This included;

Premium Chicken Fillets 5kg – there were 24 breasts in ours!

Aged UK Rump Steaks x2 6oz

Best UK Lean Steak Mince x2 400g

Best Aged BBQ Sizzler Steaks x2 6oz

Super Lean Steak Burgers x8 4oz

24 Lean Steak Meatballs x24

UK Chicken Burgers x2 4oz

Lean Pork Sausages x8

Lean Back Bacon 10 400g


We have eaten quite a lot of meat from the hamper, but our freezer is still full of meat for future meals over the next few weeks. The meat all came really well packaged inside a silver bag inside a big cardboard box, with plenty of ice packs in. It was all still fresh and properly chilled on arrival.


I’ve made a few of our favourites with it lately, including cottage pie with some of the mince. It was the best quality mince that I have ever cooked with, there was hardly any fat seeping out as I browned it. It’s from grass fed animals, so top quality.


LiveLean Cottage Pie


Obviously, I did add potato on to the cottage pie and there is onion in it, just cut into very small pieces so that my children can’t spy it. Is there anyone else who has green beans in their cottage pies? We have a couple of pea haters in the house and I like to try and get greens into everyone when I can.


The chicken we have only used for curry so far. I’m one of those lazy people who uses a jar of curry sauce to make their curries. I can also never quite decide what to have with it, so I end up with a total mixture of carbs.


LiveLean chicken made in to curry


The chicken is great quality as well, I hardly had to cut away any overly fatty or bony looking bits when preparing it. Also even though it ended up on the hob for a lot longer than it should have due to some sort of kerfuffle here, the chicken didn’t dry out at all. Usually, if I leave chicken too long when doing curry, it can gain a horrible chewy texture. Not this chicken though.


The other meal that I have used LiveLean meat for so far is a beef casserole. With the cold nights drawing in now I do love comforting warm and filling meals in the evenings. I don’t think you can really beat hot beef casserole with crusty tiger bread personally.


Casserole made with LiveLean meat


The LiveLean steak ended up so tender and tasty cooking it slowly in the oven for this. The whole house smelt pretty amazing too.


For the rest of the meat, I am planning pasta with meatballs, chicken casserole, chicken new yorker and a mixed grill for Si. Even after all of that, there will be some left to enjoy including some fab looking burgers. I am sure the rest will taste just as great.


I would never really have thought to order meat online like this before, but we will be making another order at some point. Possibly to stock up for Christmas to help us to hibernate in style! There seem to be sales on the LiveLean website quite often as well, which are perfect for stocking up your chest freezer and in my opinion work out very economical, especially for such high-quality meat.


Even for such a committed carnivore as myself, it is reassuring to know that LiveLean ensures that their meat is sourced from the highest welfare farms where the animals enjoyed a free and natural life.


The lovely people at LiveLean have offered me a special prize for one of my readers. You can win your own 82-Piece Best of British Super Lean Meat Hamper! All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below.


PLEASE be aware that any information entered into the rafflecopter will also be seen by LiveLean. For my usual additional terms and conditions please click here  A Cornish Mum Competition Terms and Conditions.


What would you cook first if you bought or won one of these boxes?


Good Luck!


Stevie x



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