Review: Nilfisk C – PG 130.2 Pressure Washer

We were recently sent a Nilfisk C-PG 130.2 PowerGrip pressure washer to review.

Our own garden is pretty much a building site at the moment, so we popped to Si’s parents house to borrow their garden instead. Here’s how we got on.


Nilfisk Pressure Washer


The Nilfisk pressure washer was easy to put together, and I thought it was a nice touch that they included the small screw driver that you need for putting the battery inside the spray handle, in the box for you. The battery is needed (and also provided) for the pressure controller.


You need to ‘pair’ the Nilfisk and the handle together after putting the battery in, but if you follow the instructions it is really easy to do. You can then easily control the pressure of the water with a press of a button on the handle. Being placed where it is means you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to change the pressure.


Nilfisk Powergrip


As you can see from the photo above, all the accessories that come with the Nilfisk pressure washer have a neat storage place on the back of it. This is really handy for storage, and the Nilfisk itself isn’t that big considering how powerful it is so it is also easy to store.


Si’s parents had some old slabs around that they are planning to clean off and use elsewhere, and a patio that was in need of its spring time clean, so we started with these.


The big round patio cleaner end that comes with the Nilfisk was perfect for this, with its brushes (which are nice and firm) underneath making it a lot easier to scrub as well as spray. The Nilfisk C-PG 130.2 comes with several nozzles that work well for different things.


Nilfisk Power Grip Pressure Washer


We really were impressed with the job it did on the patio slabs. Since it was a tough job Si had it on the highest pressure setting for both lots of patio slabs and we found this worked very well.


Simon’s waterproof shoes were lagged in dirt the last time we went walking, so we decided to give them a clean on a slightly gentler setting and with a smaller nozzle. The nozzles were easy to swap over and all fitted perfectly.


It cleaned them well, although I’d recommend the lowest setting for anything like shoes, less heavy items or garden decor that could lose paint or sustain other damage from high pressure.


Nilfisk Trainer cleaning


We found the decent length handle meant that Si could reach areas his parents haven’t been able to without a ladder, to clean off their conservatory, and I suspect we’ll be taking advantage of this to clean our own windows as well. I wouldn’t usually trust a pressure washer with the fascias of a house or windows for obvious reasons, but being able to adjust the pressure means that we can be gentler than a standard pressure washer.


The actual hose of the Nilfisk PowerGrip washer is 8 metres long so you don’t have to keep pulling the actual machine around with you as there is plenty of reach.




If you worry about a pressure washer using too much water, the Nilfisk C-PG 130.2 is great for this as well, as it comes with a hose to use straight from a water-butt if you want. We didn’t get to test this out, but once we have our garden sorted out I think we may get a water-butt to save money.


Being able to adjust the pressure makes it more economical as well, as you won’t be using as much water. There is also a detergent bottle included that clips on to the hose with its own nozzle, so that you can use it to clean tougher to clean things without having to have a separate cleaner spray to hold.


It even comes with its own nozzle cleaner in case things get clogged up. Nilfisk seem to have thought of everything with this pressure washer. Being able to adjust the level of pressure really is the best part of the pressure washer, it means that you can use it for things you may not have thought of before, from bikes and cars to boots, garden furniture and so much more.


Pressure wise my advice would be to always start on the lower pressure and build up the pressure as and when you feel it is needed, that way you won’t be wasting excess water you don’t need to for a start.


When doing reviews I am always honest and try to be fair by weighing up any pros and cons, but I honestly can’t think of anything we dislike about it so far.


The Nilfisk is powerful, efficient and really easy to use. To find out more about the Nilfisk PowerGrip Pressure Washer and where you can buy it pop to the Nilfisk PowerGrip website.


Stevie x

*We were sent the pressure washer for the purpose of this review, but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and honest*

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  1. 7 April 2016 / 12:27 am

    Great review, I love the fact you give so much information about the product. We need to but a pressure washer so I’ll be looking into this one.

  2. Mark
    8 January 2017 / 9:02 pm

    While you say the instructions to pair it are easy to follow, I couldn’t make sense if them and ours only occasionally works properly. Wish they used words instead of pictures.

    • 8 January 2017 / 9:45 pm

      Oh no! My boyfriend was the one who paired it but he found it easy to do, we haven’t used it in ages as we’re currently doing building work in the garden, so cleaning anything is a waste of time. Anything like this where I’m stuck I do a search on YouTube for a ‘how to’ video, though it sounds like yours is playing up anyway. I’m hoping when I dig ours out of the shed again that it is behaving itself, but if not I’ll update the post in case it is a common issue. Crossed fingers not!