Radley DNA cross body bag by the sea

Review: Radley DNA Cross Body Bag

When I was asked if I wanted to do a review of a Radley bag, I will let you guess how many seconds it took me to agree. Not many is the answer.


I have always been a Radley fan, as one of my older sisters owns a ridiculous number of their bags and purses. Until Radley contacted me though, I owned zero Radley items. Being a stay at home parent for so many years, I haven’t treated myself to much over the years. My money has been spent on the boys and boring things like bills.


So my excitement was pretty huge when I learned that Radley would like to work with me. They sent me the most gorgeous bag. The DNA medium zip-top cross body bag.


Radley DNA cross body bag by the sea


Isn’t she beautiful?! The beauty of the DNA bag I think is that although it is Radley, it is a more relaxed style than I am used to seeing from them. With the grey and the pops of colour all over, this bag really does look summery.


It also looks casual enough to wear at one of my favourite places Land’s End. In case you wondered, yes I did get odd looks photographing a bag in public. However, I couldn’t think of a much more gorgeous back drop than the Cornish coast line.


I found a new use for the handbag on our walk as well. My camera bag is huge, which isn’t that great for walking long distances. However I discovered that the DNA bag is the perfect size for popping my Nikon D3300 in with a small cloth to protect it from the inner zip. Not only that, but the two little pockets at the back are perfect for popping my lens cap in to when I’m not using it.


Radley DNA bag - back of the bag


I really like the little pockets at the back, they are so easy to access. They are however against your body, which makes them safer to use and not worry about pickpockets.


The strap is a very soft material and long enough to wear across the body. It can also be shortened easily and worn on my shoulder. I love this versatility and it was comfortable to carry. Especially considering we had a long walk and I carried it for a lot of hours.


I think my only disappointment with the bag, was the lack of Radley dog tag on it. You can however order one of these online separately if you wish. However considering the more casual tone of the bag, I can see why they didn’t include one. I may just have to buy another Radley bag soon so that I can have a little dog…. any excuse.


Radley DNA bag pattern


I like that they still got the traditional Radley dog in the design though. There are a few in the outer bag pattern and one on the zip compartment inside the bag.


If you want to see more photos of the bag to gauge the size, you can find it on the Radley website in the Cross Body Bags section. Their site has photos of their bags being held by people, which is great as sometimes when buying a bag online, it is so hard to work out the size of them.


I can honestly say that I love my new bag and it will be getting a lot of use. I may have to hide it from my sister though, who is heavily hinting to borrow it…


Stevie x


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