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Review: RoosterMoney – The Pocket Money App

The RoosterMoney Pocket Money App Review.


When it comes to pocket money, the boys don’t receive a set amount each week. This is because they have to work for their money, which I am hoping will be a great life lesson for them.


RoosterMoney app


I could just set them a certain amount of money and give it to them each week. However, I think it is so important for them to realise the value of money and to learn to save for the things they want.


I was asked to review the RoosterMoney app recently, but even if I hadn’t been asked I would have still downloaded it if I had discovered it myself. It is going to be so helpful for us in the future.




It just works perfectly with the way we treat pocket money in our house. The boys do small jobs around the house and are rewarded with pocket money for doing so. They also get rewarded for especially good behaviour, such as when recently in a restaurant we were given a discount off of our bill simply for having such polite children.


Very much a proud parent moment. For things like that and for doing their best on their homework or a test at school, they get a bonus bit of pocket money. However the only problem is that I have a ridiculously bad memory, hence why I normally write lists for everything. So often none of us have a clue how much the boys are owed and I am pretty sure I end up overpaying…


What do you use the RoosterMoney App for?


Here is where the app comes in, it is a brilliant way to keep track of how much the boys have earned and how much I owe them.




As you can see from the images above, you can set your account up to show more than one child and easily keep an eye on both. You can personalise it with their photos as well. When you add money to a child on your account, you can also mark down why they are receiving money.


I love this touch, as they and I can clearly see how much they have been helping out and know what exactly I have ‘paid’ them for. Children can even set a saving goal for themselves and list something or various things that they want to save for and how much they cost. They can then see through an easy to use bar chart, their progress and how close they are to their goal.


A great way to encourage saving. There is a ‘safe’ option as well which we haven’t used yet, where they or you can send money to the safe not to be touched. This can be for a long term saving option if you have a holiday or something coming up in the future, or as an additional goal for them to achieve if you want. It can be very much personalised.


RoosterMoney app


The best bit I think is that the children can also have the app on their tablets and phones, so they can also see how well their ‘accounts’ are doing and see what money they have. Having it as an app means that it is always with me, as unlike a notebook my phone goes everywhere with me. This means there should be less forgetting and less overpaying – sorry boys!


How much does it cost to download RoosterMoney?


The app really couldn’t be easier to use and the version we used was actually free as well. They do actually do a PLUS version with additional features such as being able to put interest rates on savingsĀ and set chores/jobs for children to do to get their pocket money too.




With the PLUS version, you can add unlimited guardians to an account so that they can add pocket money as well. The free version you can actually add an extra parent or adult as well, which is very handy. In our home, Si and I both reward and punish the children when necessary, so it is handy to be able to both use the app.


RoosterMoney additional parent


Usually, the punishment is the loss of screentime or being grounded, but as there is an option to remove pocket money on the app then I suspect we may use that as well. Luckily overall they are both very well behaved.


I really do love this app and can see us using it for a very long time. Because I am still paying the children in real life myself, I don’t worry about using it, like I would if I had to pay via the app. You can’t be too careful these days. It works so well as a record keeper of pocket money and I suspect now with the visual reminder and not to mention how competitive the boys are, that there will be a lot of jobs getting done around the house by them now.


Where to download RoosterMoney App.


If you want a fair way to issue pocket money and keep track of it, then this is the app for you. You can download it on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. Pop to the RoosterMoney website for more information and links directly to the places to download.


Stevie x


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