Review: Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

A Review of the Smart 9kg Samsung QuickDrive 1400 Spin A+++ Rated Washing Machine.


Samsung QuickDrive washing Machine review


I suspect I am showing my age by confessing this but, my mind is still blown well and truly by the advances in technology these days. Never did I think that I would be sat in my lounge telling my washing machine in the kitchen to start washing the load of dirty washing I loaded into it earlier.


My Washing Machine is Cleverer Than Me


Mind you, I also never thought that a phone app would make the decision for me on what temperature and spin cycle I should wash my dirty washing at. Using the Q-Rator through the SmartThings app, I have just selected what type of clothing I have in the machine. In this case a mix of different clothing types. The app made all the decisions for me about how to wash my clothes and THEN I tapped the button on my screen to start the wash and my washing machine started.


Q Rator Samsung washing app


That is exactly what it was meant to do and I am a little bit over excited that it actually did it. I suspect I’m going to be annoying visitors to our house in the future by providing them with a demonstration on how our washing machine works and how brilliant the app is.


I love that the app lets you know when the washing has finished too, especially as our machine won’t be staying in the kitchen forever. Si has been building outside concrete block sheds for a while now and soon my shed which is the new utility room will be finished. Being able to know exactly when the washing machine has finished will be so helpful then. I have already checked that the WiFi from the house works inside the shed.


Q-Rator washing machine app Samsung QuickDrive


The machine even tells you when it needs a clean itself and you can use the Eco Drum Clean option to clean the inside of the machine, see I told you it was clever!


Ease of Set-Up of the Samsung QuickDrive


The machine itself was so easy to fit, especially for me as I just watched Simon do it. It came with the hose to connect it to the cold feed and everything fitted exactly as it should. They even provided the tool needed to undo the bolts used to secure the drum during transport.


Setting up the smart control was a little bit trickier and almost defeated us if I am honest, but only because of the type of phone that I have. The app doesn’t seem to like my Huawei P20 Pro much, but then it is a brand new phone and so future updates might help. It actually works perfectly on my phone now, but it was impossible to do the initial set-up to get the app working on my phone or on Si’s android WileyFox phone.


As soon as I tried my teenager’s iPhone 6 phone though, the setting up of the app and connection of the washing machine to the app was flawless and so quick and easy. Then once it was connected to my Samsung account (it will get you to register for one of these quickly if you don’t have one) then it worked on both mine and Si’s phones. So clearly it was just a small issue and if you can’t get it to work on your own phone either ring Samsung for help or find a friend with a different phone to try.


You can use the machine without using the app or connecting it at all, so don’t worry that this machine may be too technical for you. It is actually really easy to use with or without the app.


You do need to remember one more thing before starting to use the machine though, you need to set it to calibrate so that the machine knows how it feels when it is empty and can more accurately tell the weight of your washing.


AddWash Add Door


The app and technology side of the washing machine aren’t the only things about the QuickDrive machine that make it that little bit special. One of my favourite parts of the machine is the AddWash Add Door, which is a little mini door in the door for adding bits of washing you have forgotten to put in the machine.


You can add it part way through the wash by pausing the cycle briefly using the pause button on the machine . This is such a handy feature for someone who is forever leaving a trail of dirty socks on the stairs as she carries the laundry down to the machine.


AddWash door closed Samsung QuickDrive


AddWash door Samsung QuickDrive washing machine


Washing Performance of the Samsung QuickDrive


I am trying to think of something to say other than “it made my washing really clean”, but basically it does. It does a great job of doing what it is supposed to do and washing, it also does it so much more quickly than previous machines we have had. There are a lot more options of different wash cycles and it is just so easy to use.


Samsung QuickDrive washes


Even my boys can use it, although they appear to still be incapable of actually filling it for me without being nagged.


The timer on the machine comes in really handy, as it lets you know exactly how long your washing load will take and means if you’re in a rush you know to choose a quicker option. There are two especially quick options, the 15′ quick wash which is for small loads that just need a quick wash – so the school trousers you suddenly realised needed washing at the last-minute for example. This wash is for up to 2kg.


The other especially quick wash is the Super Speed one which washes a full load of washing in just 39 minutes. When I have a lot of washing to do, this tends to be the setting that I use to get it all done quickly. This quick wash is so handy for getting through the huge washing pile that accumulates when the boys actually tidy their bedrooms.


On a normal day though we tend to use the Super Eco Wash which has a low temperature ecobubble cycle that reduces energy consumption. The Samsung QuickDrive washing machines actually have dual drum technology too, which speeds up the wash as it so thoroughly washes the clothes by moving them around in different directions, that you don’t need as long as wash to get perfectly clean clothes every time. This means less water is used and less electricity, which is always good in my book.


Samsung QuickDrive washing machine drum


Each wash option that you select lights up the different choices of spin speed, number of spins etc on the machine and if you choose a cycle but you want to give the items extra spins or change any of the other options you can, even after selecting that wash. It really is such an easy machine to use and to get to do exactly what you want it to do. Obviously the app will choose your best wash options too if you want to use it.


Samsung QuickDrive washing machine controls


How Noisy is The Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine?


The noisiest thing about the washing machine is its alerts, which are very musical! A full tune plays to tell you that your washing has finished, but thankfully they have given you the option to turn that off. Although personally I quite like it.


The machine itself isn’t any louder than any of our previous machines, you do need to make sure the feet are properly placed though as it was very noisy until we realised one of the feet wasn’t tightened properly by us on installation.


The Verdict


Now obviously we didn’t buy the washing machine ourselves, since this is a review, so it isn’t as if we would return the machine if we hated it. We actually really like it though, I would say ‘love’ but I’m feeling old enough already without professing love for white (or graphite in this case) goods.


We kept our old machine for a while since it was actually in good condition and we wanted to make sure that we liked the new machine before we sold on the old one. The old one has gone and the Samsung QuickDrive is here to stay, which tells you my honest opinion of it. I would definitely recommend this washing machine.


Pop to the Currys PC World website for more information on the Samsung QuickDrive range of machines.


Stevie x

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  1. 14 June 2018 / 11:59 am

    This looks so brilliant, especially the eco setting and how you can add things without flooding the kitchen! Our washing machine has started making the most dreadful noise so I will be looking at this one for when it finally dies! X

  2. 14 June 2018 / 12:18 pm

    Ah a smart washing machine that comes with an app!! Love it! Great for busy mums! Fantastic features. Will be keeping my eye out for this one when we go washing machine shopping!

  3. 17 June 2018 / 10:10 am

    Sounds like the washing machine has everything I need! Mine died yesterday and couldn’t make a decision, I’d seen this one so reading this has made up my mind. I love a gadget and what has sold it for me is the fact it can recommend the correct cycle, something I fail on many a time and the door to add those forgotten socks. Thank you !