Smartlab Smartphone Science review
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Review: Smartlab Smartphone Science Giveaway

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Our review of the Smartlab Smartphone Science experiments kit that we were sent recently by the wonderful DKL Toys. Twenty experiments to try using a mobile phone.


Smartlab Smartphone Science review


The boys are at a funny in between age now, where they don’t really play with toys as such, but they still get bored with just their screens to amuse them. When we were asked to choose something from Smartlab to review, the Smartphone Science Lab seemed like the ideal option.


My youngest loves science and learning how things work and what they are made of and they both love their phones. This combines the two loves and makes their phones a bit more exciting and educational. I love anything that is a bit sneakily educational, where kids have fun but learn almost without realising it.


Here is what was in the box when it arrived, along with a special instruction/guide-book for the experiments.


Smartlab Smartphone Science


Inside the Smartphone Science box:


Microscope with LED

Universal Mount with Focusing Ring

Filter Adaptor

2 Polarizing Filters

Magenta Filter

Cyan Filter

Slide with 3 specimens

Carrying Case – this is the plastic clear packaging that it comes in, don’t throw this away.


We started off with just trying out the microscope and looking at things around the house. It was really easy to get the parts together to start using the microscope. ¬†My phone wasn’t great for it, as the Huawei P9 has two lenses, so as you can see in the top two photos below, I was also taking photographs of and seeing the inside of the microscope as I used it.


It worked perfectly well on the boys’ iPhones though, but we used my phone more as my camera is a much better quality. The first photo below is my jumper close up. It looks wet bizarrely, but it is just a very close detailed shot. We were really impressed with the detail that we could see.


The second photo is part of Harley’s fingerprint on his finger. It actually looks a bit gross, but that’s even more appealing to tweens. It is also not quite as grim as the last photo.


Smartlab smartphone science microscope photos


The last photo is the one taken on Harley’s phone and is actually the fly in the slide that comes with the set. Yuck, but amazing to see as it is absolutely tiny and looks just like a small speck on the slide.


The microscope is brilliant once you get used to it. The boys and I struggled at times to get a clear view of things, as you do need a very steady hand. If you get this set yourself, remember to zoom in on your phone screen to get a clearer shot. It was a lot of fun investigating things around the house with it and the LED light on it comes in handy with the darker winter lighting.


There are lots of experiments to try in the booklet guide that comes with the set.


Smartlab smartphone science booklet


The boys were both amazed that the television screen had so many ‘dots’ to it once they got close up. It had never occurred to them before to question how a television works, as it is just ‘there’.


The Smartphone Science set is great for getting children to question more about the world around them and to really think more, rather than just take some things for granted. They both also love that they now know that putting their phone inside a bowl or cup when the music is playing on it, creates a kind of speaker effect.


Even I learned a few new things. This would make a great gift for a tech savvy Tween, or even a slightly younger child if they have a phone or you are willing to share your own.


If you would like to buy your own Smartlab Smartphone Science experiment set, you can buy it in various places including Amazon or you can also try to win one via the Gleam widget below.


My usual competition rules apply and can be found here – A Cornish Mum Blog’s Competition Terms and Conditions. Good Luck!


Stevie x


Smartlab Smartphone Science Set


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