Review: Staccups From University Games


When I was at the BlogOn conference last month, the lovely people from University Games showed me several of their games including Staccups.


Staccups Game from University Games


I had a try at playing it there and I was awful, luckily since they’ve sent us our own game to play at home I have improved a bit! If you haven’t heard of Staccups before it’s actually a really simple concept, but trickier than it seems and a lot more fun than I first thought it would be!


Basically you have a base with a button to push that then displays two colours for you, one on each side of the base. Whatever the colour shown is the colour of the stacking cup that you’re allowed to put on each side of the base.


Staccups game


It sounds easy right?! But each stacking cup (Staccups – see get it ha?!) have one colour on the base and majority of the cup and then another colour on the top. As you can see above the caps and bases are separate ready for you to pop together when you first open the game to get ready to play.


Some of the bases and tops do end up actually being the same colour all over, these are my favourite cups when playing. You have to match the base colour of each cup that you stack to the colour of the top of the cup that you are stacking it on, which is why the ones the same colour all over are a bit easier when playing quickly.


It really should be easy, but when you play against people who are really fast at stacking their cups it is so easy to put the wrong cup on. If you do so and no one notices then you can sneakily get away with it … not that I did that of course *innocent face*.


However, if one of the other players calls you out on it and they are correct then they get to put a free cup down, which is pretty annoying if it’s their last cup I must say ha! Two to Four people can play and it says for age 8 plus, but I think some younger children could definitely get the hang of it.


Staccups game from University Games


The aim of the game – I should possibly have said this a lot earlier, is to get rid of all of your cups. So this game really is all about speed and accuracy or crossing your fingers that no-one else notices that you just cheated.


Cheating at board games is a time-honoured tradition in my family, started by my Grandad Pete who seems to feel it’s his role to teach all of the generations to cheat at various games. So basically I’m not an awful cheat, I’m just very um ‘traditional’.


Our verdict of Staccups


We really like it, evidenced by the fact that the boys played at least 10 games in a row trying to beat each other the other day. It’s definitely a fun family game and I reckon it would work well as a game for adults too after the children have gone to bed, especially if alcohol is involved s I suspect the accuracy level would drop significantly.


If you would like to buy your own game of Staccups you can buy it from various retailers including Amazon (affiliate link), Argos, Smyths plus many more.


I’ll be taking our game to Devon on holiday with us at the end of the month!


Stevie x

We were sent the game for the purpose of this post, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest. This post contains an affiliate link.
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