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Review: The Degustabox For April 2017


Time for my monthly Degustabox review, this time a run down of my thoughts on the April 2017 Degustabox.


Degustabox April 2017 chocolate


Doisy & Dam’s Quinoa, Smoked Tea and Vanilla Chocolate – £1.75 RRP

This chocolate was so promising, the packaging is gorgeous, the actually chocolate looks great. However to me with the ‘smoked’ part … it tastes like bacon. Really not one for me at all I’m afraid, but if you love smoked food or quirky chocolate, then it may be worth a try.


Degustabox - Nothing But freeze dried fruit snacks


Nothing But Freeze-dried Fruit Snack Packs – RRP £1.20 Each

I was sent the Strawberry & Banana and Pineapple & Grape snack packs and they were quite nice. They looked great and you can really tell just how natural they are once you open the bags. Definitely a healthy handy snack.


Degustabox Nothing But snacks


April 2017 Degustabox


Seabrook Lattice Crisps RRP £1.50 – £1.99

Seasalt and Black Pepper flavour, I loved these crisps! The lattice shape meant they were really a great texture to eat and the were full of flavour.


ViPnuts Hot Chilli RRP £1.25

These claim to only be a little bit hot, but for someone who isn’t a fan of any sort of hot spicy food, these were too hot for me. Howere, if you like chilli, you will most likely love these.


Whitworths Full of Super RRP £1.50

Vanilla Maca-roons these were full of all sorts of nutritious things and actually tasted good. I liked these, they were quite chewy and for a small snack were actually very filling.


POLO Sugar Free Pot RRP £1.49

I really like all sorts of POLO and having these sugar free ones in a pot like this is so handy. It meant that unlike the usual roll I have in the bottom of my handbag, the POLOs didn’t get random bits of fluff in and didn’t all end up broken. I’ll be buying these again in the future.


Degustabox April 2017 drinks


CELIA Organic Lager RRP £2.49

This is a gluten free Czech lager and Si said he liked it and it was nice enough – very descriptive.


Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water RRP Unknown

This was seriously fizzy and had a real grapefruit tang to it. I liked it, but I wouldn’t add vodka to it like was suggested, as I like my alcohol sweetened not made sharper. That’s personal taste though and I would happily drink this with lots of ice on a sunny day sat in the garden as it is really refreshing.


Degustabox April 2017 contents


Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Pasta RRP £2.19

I’m a big pasta fan and would happily have pasta bake pretty much every night if I could. It’s only myself and Fin who like pasta in the house, so this doesn’t really happen. We enjoyed this pasta and I like that it’s whole wheat and hopefully a bit healthier for us both. Well until we had our own combined weight in cheese of course!


Dorset Cereals American Road Trip Muesli RRP £4.89

When I first saw the recommended price for this, I was a bit dubious as it isn’t a giant box. Howvere, it’s surprising how much you get in a box and the quality of the contents speaks for itself. Some of the ingredients include cranberries, almonds and orange zest. All of them are easily identifiable and the orange zest makes for a fantastic smelling bowl. Love this muesli.


GOOD HEMP Hemp Seed Hearts RRP £4.49

This is the only thing from the box that I haven’t tried yet … I have no idea what to do with hemp really and it doesn’t especially appeal to me in truth, but I will try it soon.


There you have it, the April 2017 Degustabox unboxed. A couple of new favourites for me here this time and as ever I loved the whole ‘lucky dip’ of having a mystery box arrive.


If you fancy getting your own Degustabox, you can sign up over on the Degustabox website and if you use the code 2EKEZ you will get £7.00 off your first box making it a bargain at £5.99!


Stevie x


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