The Journey Home

*CLOSED* Review: The Journey Home DVD Giveaway


I was recently sent The Journey Home DVD to review and I also have a special Gleam competition giveaway for you to try and win your own copy.


The Journey Home DVD


Here’s what the DVD blurb has to say;


When Luke (Dakota Goyo: Real Steel) discovers a baby polar bear that has been separated from its mother, he knows he must do something to help. Despite the warnings of his family and friends, Luke speeds off on a snowmobile deep into the frozen wilderness with the cub in tow. Join Luke and the bear cub as they battle the elements to complete their journey home.


As soon as this film started we were all glued to it. The baby polar bear in the film is an actual real-life polar bear! I don’t know why, but even after looking at the cover where the bear looks real I just presumed that it would be CGI’d in some way.


I’ve never really seen a baby Polar bear before, apart from a distant shot on a nature programme. There are ridiculously cute and seem to like play fighting. I was laughing at some of the play fighting scenes, as the poor boy actor Dakota must have had to have been brave. The bear may have been a baby, but those claws and teeth were still pretty huge.


The film was filmed in the ice fields of Northern Canada with some beautiful scenery and some really great acting. Storyline wise it really did grip us and it was the first children’s film in a while that had me a little emotional watching it.


Age wise for watching, it depends on how sensitive your children are. There are a few bits that could potentially upset or worry a small child, but mostly it’s an exciting heart warming story. Be prepared though to have to explain to your children exactly why they can’t have a baby Polar bear as a pet.


The Journey Home is a great film to snuggle up together and watch. Being full of snow and ice it makes me feel a bit Christmassy watching it.


If you would like to win your own copy of The Journey Home on DVD, you can enter via the Gleam below. Please do read my usual terms and conditions here  A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions.


Good Luck!


Stevie x



The Journey Home DVD Giveaway


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