Review: Vileda Windomatic – The Window Vacuum Cleaner

We were recently asked to review the Vileda Windomatic window vacuum cleaner. Our windows were in desperate need of attention due to all of the building work that we have been doing outside in recent months, so I said yes quickly. 




The Windomatic arrived boxed neatly and in separate pieces. I like that the head is detachable from the body of the machine, as it makes it a lot easier to store when it isn’t in use.


Before using it for the first time you do need to charge it for six hours. You are supposed to be able to use it for 20minutes after it is charged before it needs another charge. If you remember to leave it off between windows and whilst spraying/washing each window it lasts more than long enough.


It really couldn’t be any easier to set up. Other than checking how long to charge it for, I didn’t need to look at the instructions.


The long head part of the Vileda Windomatic has a squeegee top to it, perfect for window cleaning. The reservoir tank for collecting dirty water that comes as part of the Windomatic can be removed easily and it can even be cleaned in the dishwasher afterwards.


Vileda windomatic parts


On to actually using it. Now before you look at the photograph below, in my defence it has been very windy lately and our ‘garden’ is more of a dusty building site. You can see the partly finished concrete block sheds in the reflection of my filthy dirty window.


Window before cleaning with the windomatic


Disgusting I know, but handily a brilliant test for the window vacuum cleaner. It does say to clean the window first and then use the Windomatic to suck up the excess water from the window. I’m a bit lazy though (shocker) so instead I sprayed the window with a window cleaning spray and then sucked up the dirt and cleaner all in one go.


Obviously be careful if you have gritty bits on the window if you do the same, so you don’t scratch the window. I let the cleaner run down and take those bits with it first. You can see below the difference as I was using the vacuum.


Windomatic in use


I like that once you press the button to turn the machine on that it stays on. You would end up with a sore thumb if it was one of those ones where you hold the button in the whole time. It is also not too loud, so unlikely to annoy your neighbours unless you use it at silly o’clock in the morning or at night.


Our windows look so much better for having a good clean and with hardly any effort from me as well.


Window after cleaning with the Windomatic


After doing just one small window, this is the dirt that the machine collected. Nice.


Dirty water from the Windomatic


Cleaning windows with the Windomatic is really easy to do, especially with its flexible head. The finish was smear free as well, which is a first for any window I have ever cleaned in any way.


Windomatic infographic


You can also use it on wall tiles, floors and to suck up spillages if you want. As someone who is hopeless at cleaning windows and as I’ve said before a little bit lazy, I love the Windomatic. Time saving, easy to use and basically a clever little gadget.


My rating of the Vileda Windomatic window vacuum cleaner =  5 star


Stevie x


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