Robinsons Squash'd at Pentewan
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The Robinsons #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge Results

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If you read my previous post about the challenge that Robinsons set my eldest son, then you’ll know that he was challenged to drink more water with the help of Squash’d – and actually enjoy doing so.


Robinsons Squash'd - Drink More Water Challenge


The week of Fin’s challenge really didn’t start smoothly at all. Unfortunately he was really ill and stuck at home using his inhalers and feeling a bit sorry for himself. The challenge actually helped though, as usually when he’s ill it can be a struggle to get him to drink anything at all. This time he drank a lot of water with Squash’d in.


He loves the taste, especially of the Apple and Blackcurrant flavour, but I think he also just really liked squirting it into his water bottle. I had to rein him in a few times before he ended up with way too much Squash’d for the amount of water ha!



I really think that thanks to Squash’d encouraging him to drink more, he felt a lot better than he would have done otherwise whilst ill. I certainly felt more relaxed than usual as he was drinking a lot more, it also contains fruit in every drop, which I love.


For the second half of the week, he took the Squash’d to school and was drinking a lot more without me even needing to remind him about it. He just popped the Squash’d inside his blazer jacket (perfectly pocket-sized) or into his lunchbox and refilled his bottle with water at school to add the Squash’d to. So easy for him to do and he says he’ll keep drinking more now as he feels better for it and he likes the taste.


Robinsons Squash'd lunch


We’ve been able to get out and about a bit more now that he’s well again and of course the Squash’d comes with us!


Robinsons Squash'd at Pentewan


Most remarkably last week … on Thursday and Friday – he actually got out of bed smiling and was definitely more perky in the mornings! As to whether the improvement in his morning mood is due to drinking more thanks to Robinsons Squash’d, I have no idea. However, just in case we are definitely keeping with the new regime of drinking a lot more water.


For us the challenge to Enjoy More Water has been a huge success. Do you think your family drink enough water?


Stevie x


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