Review: Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

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Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle tubes


I was recently sent a set of Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracles to try, including the signature Sanctuary scented one, along with two new fragrances. These are Green Lemon and Orange Blossom, and White Lily and Damask Rose. My favourite scent wise is the White Lily and Damask Rose, as it just smells amazing and when I’ve used it it smells like I’m wearing perfume.


Both Wet Skin Moisture Miracle (normally £8) and the Shower Burst (normally £7) collection are available in Boots stores and on for only £5 until July 31st!


Honestly I smell amazing ha! It has a very floral smell, but more in a makes you think of summer way rather than old lady perfume. The Green Lemon and Orange Blossom one has a lovely fresh citrus smell and the Signature Sanctuary one smells lush and reminds me of a sun cream that we used to use when I was a teenager, so it reminds me of carefree days sunbathing in the garden listening to music and desperately trying to get some sort of colour on my pasty legs – I still haven’t achieved that!


The Wet Skin Moisture Miracles are a way to moisturise your body in a different way, you apply them to wet skin! So you can actually have a shower, then turn the water off and rub the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle on to your skin and then dry off afterwards before getting dressed.


Product in use


I’ll admit that I was a little dubious about putting it on when wet and whether it would actually absorb into my skin, or whether it would just come straight back off with the water when I dried myself off afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised though to find that it soaked into my skin quickly and it didn’t even leave me feeling a bit sticky like my usual moisturisers do. It also doesn’t make your hands sticky either.


Just be aware if you try them yourself, they are more the consistency of a lotion and with the added wet skin factor, it can run quite quickly down your body. My advice is to use small bits at a time or squeeze it gently out into your hand rather than straight onto your body and then it’s fine and easier to control where it goes.


Unlike my moisturiser that I use on my body usually, they don’t leave my skin looking really shiny. It just looks well hydrated and oh my word it is so soft, especially my legs which usually tend to have dry patches on them.


Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle products


The best part of the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle in my opinion, is how time saving they are. Usually I dry off after my shower, then moisturise (if I remember and have the time) and then wait for quite a while for my moisturiser to sink into my skin a bit so that I’m not all sticky for my clothes.


With these ones, I literally slap it on in the bathroom and then dry my hair and towel dry myself, by which time my skin doesn’t feel sticky and I can just throw on my clothes and go. Adding it in as part of my showering routine, I think I’ll be remembering more often to moisturise.


I was also sent two of the Sactuary Spa foaming Shower Bursts to try in Invigorating Green Lemon and Orange Blossom and the White Lily and Damask Rose. These are for washing with and when you use them the contents comes out like a gel and then turns into a really fluffy foam. Only use a small bit at a time with this, as it really spreads well.


It reminds me a lot of the shaving gels that Si uses and not only do they clean well and moisturise you, but like shaving gel they are ace for using when shaving your legs! They left mine so smooth.


Shower Burst bottles - Sanctuary Spa


Both Wet Skin Moisture Miracle (normally £8) and the Shower Burst (normally £7) collection are available in Boots stores and on for only £5 until July 31st!






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  1. 16 July 2018 / 2:19 pm

    I love the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle. It soaks in really well to my skin and is a fabulous product to use when you’re in a rush (which is all the time!) x