The boys riding their scooters
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Scooter Tips and Tricks with Halfords


I was recently asked by Halfords if the boys would like to try out some of their scooter tips and tricks. They both love their scooters, and so we decided to go for a nice long walk and try.


The boys riding their scooters


They did of course make sure they had their helmets on… or rather as usual I had to make them wear them. Looking at how many bruises are all over my youngest’s legs at the moment, at least protecting his head seems like a good idea.


I suspect clumsiness may be genetic. I have scars on my knees from when I was his age, as I was always falling over. Not a lot has changed, it is still rare for me to not have some sort of bruise on myself.


The skills we tried were the Hippy Jump, the Bunny Hop, the Pop up Wheelie and the Pogo. These may all sound like a different language to you, like they did to me. If so, scroll down and see the infographic designed by Halfords, which shows how to do each of the stunts. Your children might enjoy trying to master some of them on their own scooters.


Below is a very small video from my Instagram account of the boys doing the Hippy Jump. It is one of the easiest and a great place for your own children to start.




The boys are always flying around on their scooters, as you can probably tell from how worn their scooters are starting to look. My eldest even has his own electric scooter now, which is surprisingly fast.


I love that riding a scooter gets them outside a lot in the fresh air and enjoying themselves. They are always careful and follow the rules I have given them about using their scooters. Mostly as I have threatened to lock them in the car boot if not… the scooters that is, not the children.


If your own children would like to try some stunts, or if you would like to know how to keep them safe whilst they are on their scooters, check out the infographic images below for some really handy tips from Halfords. It shows not only the equipment you can use to protect them, but also gives advice on where it is safe for them to ride them.


Halfords also show you which of the scooters they stock would be perfect for each type of trick. Don’t believe your child if they claim to need to buy a scooter for each trick though. You can master them on any of the scooters, Halfords are just letting you know the optimal one depending on your child’s favourite trick.


I hope your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/random child you know have a lot of fun with this!


Stevie x


Halfords' Scooter tips and tricks infographic

Scooter tips and tricks with Halfords

Halfords scooter tips and tricks

Halfords scooter tips and tricks



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