My Second Week of Slimming World

Two weeks in and I feel like I have settled in to a routine with Slimming World now. I’m not having to check the app for Syns values so much, or second guess how much of my healthy extras to have as it is sticking in my head more.


Usually on a diet, the second week is when I will typically struggle the most and give up. With Slimming World I haven’t, I think because it is so flexible and no food is actually properly banned.


This last week I have been filling up with wholemeal wraps or bread at lunch time and today I have actually had a fried egg (fried with just a few sprays of one cal spray) wholemeal wrap to start the day, with just around 1 to 1 and a half syns for some tomato sauce that I was craving and 8 syns for the wrap.

I try and use my syns for filling things where possible, as tempting as chocolate and sweets are. It turned out a bit more of a scrambled egg wrap as I had the heat up to high on the pan ;)


Slimming World


Baked beans and jacket potatoes have also kept me full up and of course I have been eating  a lot of fruit and vegetables, as Slimming World recommends.


My energy levels have been mostly good, although I have had a few evenings where I have really been craving a sweet fix and feeling tired… this is more to do with way too many late nights than my diet plan though ha! Does anyone else feel absolutely ravenous when they’re overtired?!


I did succumb to some of the boys Haribo sweets at the weekend, I just couldn’t quite resist despite having used up all my official syns already that day. Oh my did they taste good though and despite that, when I weighed in on Tuesday I had lost weight again!


My starting weight in week one was 10 stone 6 lbs, I lost 4 lbs last week, and this week I have lost another 2 lbs. This means I have lost 6 pounds so far! Very happy with that number. However I set myself a target to be below 10 stone this week and I am exactly 10 stone, so I didn’t quite make it.


Once I lose that one extra pound, I will officially no longer be classed as over weight and I will be within my healthy weight range for the first time in a very long time! If you’re thinking 10 stone is not heavy, I am only 5 foot 2 don’t forget.


This week I have gotten back in to a few items of clothing that I haven’t been able to wear in months, and I am feeling so much more confident. That 6 lbs has really given me a boost, and I can breathe in my jeans again which is always a bonus!


I have also recently discovered, that I can use the 1 cal spray (my new favourite thing) to make my own version of Slimming World Chips, I basically bung the cut potatoes in the Tefal Actifryer, spray about 6 sprays of the oil and then cook for 35 to 40 minutes depending on how many chips I put in.


Admittedly, you do need to use a lot of salt and vinegar to mask the flavour of the spray, but lots of salt and vinegar and I’m in heaven!


Slimming World


So this week I WILL get under that 10 stone barrier…..


Wish me luck!

Stevie x

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  1. sophie
    20 May 2016 / 2:34 pm

    Congratulations on a another successful week of healthy eating and weight loss.
    I maintained this week which was a real slap on the face, so totally not expected, as I’d been on plan. Still I’m hoping for a loss next week. I’ve been sticking to plan, but like you ivebeen struggling at times with needing something really sweet. 9/10 it’s tiredness with me. Although the past 2days I’ve had the most horrendous headaches and it’s been hard staying up with children till hubby is home to take over, with the sweet thing, but somehow I’ve stayed with in my syns.
    Good luck with this next week Stevie. Looking forward to your next blog about SW

    • 20 May 2016 / 6:58 pm

      Thanks lovely. Much better a maintain than a gain Sophie, so you should still be proud of that. It’s really not easy, especially when you’re tired and there is temptation everywhere!

      Good luck for your week as well

      Stevie x

  2. 20 May 2016 / 10:18 pm

    You are doing so, so well! You know, we accidentally cooked chips in the actifry without oil once. They weren’t that bad – maybe worth a try if the oil isn’t great?! We also use the extra virgin one which tastes a bit nicer too x

  3. 21 May 2016 / 12:56 am

    Wow, you are doing amazingly well! 6lbs in 2 weeks is incredible, you’re putting me to shame!

  4. 25 May 2016 / 9:45 pm

    Well done Stevie. I have done SW on and off for the past 2 years (really need to get my head back in the game), and it is a fantastic plan. SW chips are just the best and hubby does them to perfection now x

  5. There's always time for tea
    26 May 2016 / 8:24 pm

    Well done lovely! I always eat ridiculous amounts when I’m really tired it’s so annoying! You are doing so well, good luck for next week! xx

  6. 27 May 2016 / 12:39 pm

    Well done on your 6lb! I’m doing SW too and I’m down 2stone 6lbs…quite a way to go though. I love SW chips and I’ve finally cracked it so they cook properly and not taste rank! Schwartz do a chip seasoning which is really nice and I use it everytime now. Have you tried the SW pancakes? They are my fave breakfast!

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