My Second Week of Weight Watchers Flex Online


I have been doing Weight Watchers Flex online and with the app for two weeks now, here’s how my second week went.


My second week of weight watchers flex online


You can read a bit about how Weight Watchers Flex online works in my post about my first week of WW Flex. Basically though I get daily points, which are basically a food allowance. I get 23 points a day and I tend to try to really make the points stretch and eat things that fill me up the most.


That’s why for lunch recently I have ditched the bread for a sandwich and started eating crackerbread, which I really like any way and which has the bonus of only being 1 point for 2 crackerbreads. Fruit, cucumber and chicken are all zero point foods, so I have also been eating plenty of those.


low points weight watchers lunch


I have been a little bit lazy recently and made my life easier by eating Weight Watchers ready meals for tea. This has saved me either cooking separately for everyone else at home or working out the points for family meals. It has suited me, as there are so many meals that I love that no one else in the house would eat.


The Weight Watchers’ Mediterranean Chicken Pasta is a prime example of this. Also I have to say that it is absolutely delicious, filling and just the right size. The vegetables in it are very visible and it wasn’t that expensive either I don’t think! I bought it from Tesco recently.


weight watchers ready meal


Mediterranean chicken pasta weight watchers


If you’re doing Weight Watchers Flex yourself and want some more recommendations of ready meals (you know if you’re a bit lazy or a rubbish cook like me) then their chicken curry, chicken hot-pot and sweet and sour chicken ready meals are all delicious! I have a few more to try as well.


My advice is to shop around too, Iceland, Asda and Tesco all seem to have special offers on the Weight Watchers meals which pop up every so often, which are perfect for filling the freezer.


In my first week of WW Flex online, I lost 4 lbs and it gave me such a boost knowing that the diet was actually working. Such a boost in fact, that I actually found myself looking forward to this week’s weigh in day. Weighing is something that I usually dread. Here’s how I got on this week!


Starting Weight: 11 stone 13

Last Week’s Weight: 11 stone 9

Weight Now: 11 stone 6

Weight Loss This Week: 3 lbs

Total Weight Loss So Far: 7 lbs

Goal Weight: 9 stone 13 – 21 lbs til target


I can’t quite believe that after only two weeks I am half a stone lighter. My clothes are fitting better, I can get in to more of my clothes again and most importantly the pain in my dodgy hip and lower back has been pretty much absent for the last week. It is such a relief and with eating so much more fruit and vegetables, I am feeling much more full of energy as well.


I am so glad that I took the plunge to sign up and I am hoping my third week goes well, though I am expecting my weight loss to slow down as the weeks pass, so I won’t be disappointed if I only lose a lb next week I’ll just be glad to have lost something.


Are you doing Weight Watchers Flex? If so, how are you finding it so far?


Stevie x

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  1. 1 May 2018 / 2:38 am

    Our program in the US is called Smart Points, but it sounds about the same. It has worked well for me. I am down 34 Lbs (2.42 stones).

  2. 1 May 2018 / 8:22 pm

    Stevie you are doing amazing, and to have lost 7lb in just 2 weeks is brilliant. Sounds like the app is really helping you. Well done lovely x

    • 1 May 2018 / 11:14 pm

      Thank you :) I feel so much better for it, though I won’t lie it does feel like hard work at times and I am daydreaming about cheesy chips ha!

      Stevie x