Mum on the Go; Shaving Time Off Your Responsibilities

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Most mums would jump at the chance of being offered a shortcut or a little cheat to help with their day-to-day grind. There’s a career in one corner and kids that need raising in the other, and even if your partner does their bit too, it’s still an all-consuming affair. There’s so much to do and balance that every second saved can be worth it in the long run.

Additionally, a third of all mums experience mental health issues, so it’s really important that you have time to take care of yourself. Everyone deserves some downtime, and as a mum, this is often only possible by knowing a few tricks to cut down your busy time.

Consequently, here are a few shortcuts to help you with your responsibilities. 

Supermarket Delivery

While shopping seems like a quick affair to the young singles out there, when you’re shopping for a whole family, it becomes a whole different story. Of course, even then it might only be an hour or two out of your day, but if you add these hours up over the weeks, days, months and even years… well, a significant chunk of your life is being spent looking at fruit and veg and hearing the incessant zapping of the many tills.

Instead, you can order online and get your shopping delivered right to your doorstop. It’s quick, easy and completely free of faff, so get browsing and with a few clicks, you’ll all be stocked up and eating well in no time. If you’re swamped and have a checklist down to your knees, this is definitely a lifehack that can change the game for you. 



Meditate Often

While this might seem like an odd piece of advice, meditation is extremely useful and not at all a timely affair. People underestimate it’s affects, but they shouldn’t! In fact, do it properly, and you might just be shaving a few hours off your obligations.

When people become stressed and overburdened, they can find themselves doing one-time consuming thing; procrastinating. Tasks take longer to address and attend to, and a lack of motivation can leave you wasting hours on end wishing for that surge of productivity to lift you up and power you on. Instead, claim that surge of energy for yourself!

If you meditate frequently, you’ll be in a better frame of mind to get things done. You’ll be more confident, rested, resilient, motivated, and be able to think and react more quickly to different situations. You can take five to ten minutes out of your day, and you’ll perform faster and better. Get meditating and get busy! 

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Home MOT

Just like how you can bring the supermarkets to your doorstop, you can also bring top of the line mechanics there too. After all, hightailing it to a garage to get your car examined and serviced can, while not an enormous event, suddenly take a few hours out of your day. In the end, it’s not lazy to cut a few corners wherever you can if your jobs are still getting done.

My car

For example, companies like Allied Autocare come out and take a look at your vehicles for you. Waiting periods spent at reception desks or queued behind fellow customers are over; ring them up, get an estimated arrival, and let them get to work while you’re busy attending to better things. After all, unless you’re a mechanic, there’s not a lot else you can do! Why waste your time? 

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