the woods in the summer light
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Signs of a Summer Well Spent


You only need to look at my sons’ legs to know that they both had a good summer holiday.


I don’t mean the tan lines, although they both definitely have those as well. Nope I mean the bruises and cuts. Not usually something that you hope for I know ha! They are both currently covered in bruises and cuts – more so my eldest who came home yesterday from the woods covered in mud and blood. Thankfully he was just very sore and a bit grumpy today for school.


the woods in the summer light


For my boys the state of their legs are a sign that they spent a lot of their summer holiday outside with their friends. Playing in the woods, climbing trees, having running races, playing football at the park and generally just having a lot of independent fun.


When it comes to the boys, especially my eldest with his Type 1 Diabetes I have to force myself sometimes to let go a little bit. To let them have the freedom that they need to grow up and learn how to look after themselves. This summer they definitely did that.


They went that little bit further from home than they usually do, they found somewhere with a ‘den’ to play with all their mates. They are pretty much just having the childhood that I always knew that I wanted for my children.


The slightly muddy (their favourite place is the woods), a bit bruised but still smiling childhood full of friends and laughter. In all honesty I’m a little bit jealous that no one has invited me to climb a tree for a long long time.


They’ve still played on their PS4s plus on their gadgets and gizmos, but even then it has involved chatting to their friends a lot online. I know this because my ears are still ringing slightly from listening to it!


The ‘digital’ generation are much more sociable than most people think I reckon, in fact possibly more so than my generation was as Tweens and Teens as they don’t need to rely on waiting for the landline to talk and they don’t then have their whole family listening in ha!


When I mention that the boys play outside so much, I do get met with a lot of ‘oh that’s brilliant’ sort of comments and people sound surprised. Do your children spend a lot of time outside playing or are my children and their friends actually ‘abnormally’ having what I think of as a ‘normal’ childhood?!


‘Normal’ or not I hope we have several more years of bruised leg summers ahead of us.


Stevie x


  • Tracey Williams

    My kids were thankfully outside alot more this summer than previous ones (mine are 11 and 15) and I loved that the teen met up with his mates most days. Don’t get me wrong he also spent lots of time on his PS4, but like your son he was also socialising with his mates. I think I tend to forget this and can sometimes give him a hard time for being on it too much. But yes they just socialise in different ways than we did x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    They really do, unfortunately they do it really loudly too ha. I feel like I have a 6 children in the house sometimes not 2 as I can hear them all. I might have to soundproof their bedrooms or buy myself some nice new headphones ;)

    Stevie x

  • Pickinguptoys

    We had a lot of outdoors fun, including my littlest having the stabilisers off her bike & learning to ride properly!Lots of bruises & muddy clothes too.Reminded me of being a kid. Brilliant fun, apart from me still thinking I can do a handstand.I can’t. Xx

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