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Review: Snoopy and Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie

We were recently sent a copy of the Snoopy and Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie DVD to watch and see what we thought of it.


Snoopy is one of those characters that makes me nostalgic for the days of watching cartoons with my two older sisters. One of my sisters absolutely loved Snoopy and had a ridiculous amount of cuddly Snoopy toys.


I was always a bit jealous of her collection, even if some of their heads were nearly falling off from being cuddled and played with too much…. I honestly never played with them when she wasn’t looking, Brownie’s honour (I was never in the Brownies….).


The Peanuts Movie


Snoopy and Charlie Brown were new to the boys, and until the adverts on television for the film, they had never heard of them. They really are experts at making me feel old!


They asked me whether we could go to the cinema to watch the film and I said no, as at 10 and almost 12 I thought it would be a bit too ‘babyish’ for them, but as soon as I put the DVD on they were glued to it. They were laughing a lot as well through most of it.


In The Peanuts Movie, Charlie Brown has a crush on the new girl in town, Snoopy becomes a writer and writes exciting stories where he fantasizes about flying and taking on an enemy the Red Baron. It was nice getting an insight into the mind of Snoopy the beagle.


The film is full of positive messages and influences for young children, such as in the scene where Charlie Brown could keep quiet and continue having everyone treat him like a hero for getting 100 % on his test, but actually speaks up and tells the truth which is very brave of him. Charlie Brown also never gives up no matter how tough things seem to be – or how many kites he destroys or loses.


We all had a favourite character in the film, the same one that has always been my favourite – Snoopy. I like that in the new film, they have kept the characters as similar to the original cartoons as possible. Most of them even sound the same – Snoopy has the same ridiculous laugh and all of the adults are still muffled when they speak. Woodstock the bird is still cute and funny.


Snoopy and Charlie Brown


Snoopy is still the same loyal but slightly cheeky character, Charlie Brown is still accident prone and kind, and the whole thing is still a good family watch with no violence or any scenes to worry about with a younger child. The Peanuts Movie is one of those films that you can give as a gift to any child, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing in it that their parents can object to.


The DVD has extra special features, you can watch extra Snoopy snippets, drawing tutorials, join in with dancing and sing-alongs, watch the Meghan Trainor music video and more. The boys especially enjoyed the sing-along bit….. our neighbours possibly less so.

I didn’t enjoy the film as much as the boys, but really I am way way way past the target age of the film. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, especially the nostalgia side of things, but unlike the boys who really enjoyed it, I wouldn’t choose to watch it again. It was a pleasant watch though for me and an apparently ‘epic’ watch for the boys, so I am sure it would make a great Half Term watch for your own children.


Snoopy and Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie is out now on Digital HD, and on Blu-ray and DVD from 30th May 2016.


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