Spynet Mission

#SpyNetMission – Spynet Laser Trip Wire Review

We were very lucky recently to be sent a Spynet Laser Trip Wire kit from Jakks Pacific for the boys to review and complete a secret mission with.

Spynet Mission

The image on the box looks amazing, but obviously the laser isn’t quite like they show it on there, as the picture is for illustration only, and for the RRP of £24.99 you can’t really expect high tech military grade lasers! Plus if you can see the lasers, they’re a lot easier to avoid, and where’s the fun in that?


In the box you get the laser, two mirror units with suction cups to stick to all manner of places, and an alarm sensor. The alarm is definitely loud! Here’s a little YouTube video I made with the boys earlier today, when I set them a secret mission and teased them a little (for quite a while before as well…) with an early Christmas present each.

We only used one of the mirrors in our video, as I was hopeless at lining the laser up and Si wasn’t home! Si found it a lot easier than I did, so I think it was just me. They are a little bit fiddly to do though in my opinion. Once set up they do work really well, just remember once you’ve turned them on to press the reset button, as if the button on top isn’t glowing red, then it’s not active.

I discovered this after we had tried filming our YouTube video twice before we succeeded…

The boys loved playing with the tripwire, and I have a horrible suspicion I’ll be setting alarms off all over the place in future. I am actually tempted to set it up around the Christmas tree this year, to prevent any one sneaking a peek at any of the presents underneath it.

Stevie x

 *we were given the above product for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions as ever are mine and honest*


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