A Stay at Seaview Holiday Village Cornwall #SeaViewpix


At the beginning of half term, we were invited to stay at the Seaview Holiday Village near to Polperro and Looe down here in Cornwall.


Seaview Holiday Village Luxury caravan


As you may have guessed if you are a regular reader of my blog, I love a staycation. To me, it doesn’t matter how far from home you go for a break, so long as you treat it as one and have some quality family time.


With this is mind I left my laptop at home during our stay and even my big camera. Although the camera wasn’t needed, as Seaview challenged us to only use smartphone photography whilst we were there. They are challenging all Seaview holidaymakers to take 500 amazing photos on their smartphones.


The idea is that you share your favourite Seaview holiday photos with them by using #SEAVIEWPIX on any of your social media photographs whilst you are there and the one picked as their favourite will win £500 towards their next Seaview Holiday Village holiday. You can find out more and see the terms and conditions etc over on the Seaview website.


There are tips on the site for improving your camera phone photography as well. It wasn’t hard to find things to take beautiful photographs of whilst we were there, I love the Looe area. The views around the Seaview site are also just stunning, you can see right to Talland Bay.


Seaview Holiday Village - the view of Talland Bay


The caravan we stayed in was a luxury van, which was spotlessly clean and well equipped. Our bedroom actually even had huge wardrobes, a dressing table and an ensuite. I could have happily lived there.


Seaview Holiday village luxury caravan


It really was warm and cosy in the caravan in the evenings with the electric fire on and the central heating. Just as well as one of the evenings was pretty wet and stormy. I loved being indoors all cosy with my favourite people whilst listening to the wind and rain outside.


There is a lot of entertainment on at Seaview in the evenings, but after a manic few months we really just wanted some relaxation. Other than one night when we had a lovely tasting meal in the restaurant we hibernated playing card games, watching television, doing crosswords and just talking.


That may sound boring to many, but just being all together and relaxing with no decorating to do, no laptop or blog posts to be working on, was perfect for us. I even snuggled up to Si and read a book on one of the evenings. I rarely allow myself that luxury as everything is just so busy usually.


Looe Seaview Holiday Park


On one of the days, we went into Looe which is such a beautiful place. Si and I went to Looe and Downderry earlier this year for the first time in years, and this was actually crazily the boys first time visiting.


Looe Cornwall


Despite all the beautiful views in Looe, I think the boys favourite part was definitely visiting the amusement arcade on the way back to the car. To their absolute delight, the 2p machines in there had Pokemon prizes in and ones they could actually win.


I love the places where they actually make it possible for children to win prizes. Yes we probably spent quite a lot of money to win cheap things, but it made the boys day and was well worth the money spent.


Looe didn’t end especially smoothly after that though as my car decided to not want to start. Luckily it did in the end, but we had to pop home to St Austell to swap cars over to be safe. Just as well, as it still won’t start properly, crossed fingers I have a car again soon. Another bonus to staycations proved here for us too, if something goes wrong being close to home can be very handy.


Our other excursion whilst at Seaview Holiday Park was a nice long walk to Talland Bay down one of the steepest paths around, which sadly meant a calf-aching walk back. However, it was probably a good idea as it walked off our pretty epic hot chocolates that we bought in Talland Bay.


Hot Chocolate at Talland Bay


The walk was beautiful through the woods. I found a house in the middle of the woods that I want to move into, so if you own the house and are reading this, please can we have your house? Pretty please? … I think maybe I need to keep doing the lottery.


Seaview has all the basic amenities you could need on a holiday, a shop, games area for children, evening entertainment, restaurant/bar, laundry, children’s outdoor play area, swimming pool and possibly something I’m forgetting ;)


We loved the swimming pool, the majority of it is really deep which meant that we had a huge chunk of it to ourselves as most people there had small children. However in the changing room, I did drop my jumper in a puddle of someone else’s pee … if you feel a little queasy reading that, then you can imagine how I felt yuck. The changing rooms weren’t especially clean at the time either, but it was a Sunday and they had been busy.


Overall Seaview is a lovely place to stay. For us, we usually use a holiday park just as a base and this worked perfectly for that. In a good position close to so many beautiful places and with some stunning views of its own, I would happily stay there again.


*If you’re looking places to visit in Cornwall, I have a post with over 100 places to go in Cornwall, one with things to do in Cornwall when it’s raining and another with places to go in Cornwall all year.


Stevie x

We were provided with a complimentary stay at Seaview Holiday Park for the purpose of this post, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.
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  1. 31 October 2016 / 1:53 pm

    Oh what a beautiful place. I love the idea of a phone photography competition too, sometimes the photos on my phone come out better than the ones on my camera! Yuk to the pee jumper but I’m glad you clarified that it was somebody else’s pee!!!

    • 31 October 2016 / 2:20 pm

      Ha I thought I had better do before I got a reputation ;) It really was beautiful there, I could happily live in a caravan like that!

      Stevie x

  2. 31 October 2016 / 5:35 pm

    What amazing scenery. I’m with you it doesn’t matter if you travel 5 minutes or 5 hours it’s who you’re with that matters. Yuk to the pee tho

  3. 31 October 2016 / 11:59 pm

    beautiful shots, such a lovely place!

    • 1 November 2016 / 9:39 am

      It really is, so cosy in the caravan too. Caravans definitely didn’t have central when I was younger!

      Stevie x

  4. 4 November 2016 / 6:32 am

    This looks lovely. We have wondered about trying a short break like this. shame about your car – bad timing. there are so many advantages to holidaying not too far from home. #picknmix

  5. 4 November 2016 / 10:29 am

    What a lovely chance to just kick back and relax. I don’t care what my hubs says you just don’t get that if you stay at home, but you don’t need to go far. The place looks lovely and I hope the car’s fixed #picknmix

    • 4 November 2016 / 12:57 pm

      The car is still off the road boo! It really was just so lovely to switch off for a while :)

      Stevie x

  6. Petite Words
    4 November 2016 / 11:44 am

    How beautiful! And that hot chocolate, wow, just wow! #picknmix

    • 4 November 2016 / 12:56 pm

      I know right?! It’s a good job it was a long walk there and back ha!

      Stevie x

  7. 4 November 2016 / 1:05 pm

    So beautiful! My fam and I are renting an RV and driving across the US. With four kids and the dog it is gonna be work- but truly such an adventure :)


    • 4 November 2016 / 2:18 pm

      Oh that sounds amazing, just like the movie Paul … but erm hopefully not, watch out for Aliens ;)

      Stevie x

  8. 4 November 2016 / 8:45 pm

    Aw I do love a caravan holiday. It looks lovely and that hot chocolate looks to die for!! #picknmix xx

  9. 4 November 2016 / 10:28 pm

    I love a nice break away – this looks lovely x

    • 5 November 2016 / 12:24 pm

      Me too, it was very chilled out and relaxing, exactly what I needed :)

      Stevie xx

  10. 5 November 2016 / 3:12 am

    This would be a dream come true for me! What and amazing, beautiful, character-filled place! #Picknmix.

  11. 5 November 2016 / 10:28 am

    I love a good caravan holiday. We recently stayed in a caravan for the week and it was so homely, not like the caravans I used to stay in as a child!! You live in such a beautiful part of the country, I am quite jealous! And I’m still super jealous of that hot chocolate! #picknmix

    • 5 November 2016 / 12:23 pm

      I know right? Since when did caravans have central heating?! I#m definitely not arguing about Cornwall being beautiful :)

      Stevie x

  12. 5 November 2016 / 11:35 am

    What a lovely staycation. I’m also a fan of just getting away for a few days even if it’s close to home (as you say it can be handy in an emergency, hope your car is fixed soon!) what a beautiful place. P.s. that hot chocolate looks delicious #PicknMix

    • 5 November 2016 / 4:07 pm

      I am so missing my car, I took for granted the freedom it gave me ha. It should be back soon though several hundreds of pounds later…

      Stevie x

  13. 6 November 2016 / 7:19 am

    Sounds and looks beautiful and idyllic. I have such great memories from holidays like this as a child, I really need to take my kids on one too x

    • 6 November 2016 / 3:02 pm

      The boys always think it’s more of an adventure if we stay in a caravan or go glamping :)

      Stevie x

  14. 6 November 2016 / 8:52 am

    We love a staycation too – we’re off to Aviemore for a long weekend next weekend to spend some time with family and I can’t wait! Although I really hope our car starts when it’s time to leave haha #picknmix

    • 6 November 2016 / 3:16 pm

      Mine still isn’t sorted grr, hopefully I’ll be back on the road eventually!

      Stevie x

  15. 6 November 2016 / 6:50 pm

    Overall sounds like a great place to stay if you are in the area. #PicknMix

  16. 7 November 2016 / 3:13 pm

    That looks lovely! Any kind of holiday is great, home or away :) #PicknMix

    • 7 November 2016 / 7:46 pm

      It really is lovely just to have a break from everything sometimes :)

      Stevie x

  17. 9 November 2016 / 11:26 pm

    That is a hot chocolate?! That looks divine. #picnmix

  18. 10 November 2016 / 5:42 am

    This sounds lovely. I’m a huge fan of a staycation too!

    Cosy nights in spending time together as a family sounds just lovely!


    • 10 November 2016 / 11:46 am

      Cosy family nights are definitely my favourite and I’m making the most of it whilst my two still want to spend time with us ;)

      Stevie x

  19. 10 November 2016 / 11:04 pm

    This place looks lovely, what a view and the fireplace in the caravan too! I now want a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!
    Eilidh x

  20. 11 November 2016 / 12:17 pm

    We stayed in a holiday home similar to this in Devon in the summer – you’re right, it doesn’t matter how far you go from home as long as it’s a break! #picknmix

  21. James
    16 November 2016 / 1:57 pm

    I really relate to what you were saying about leaving the laptop at home. Last weekend, after working constantly for 2 months, I banned myself from all screens for 2 days. No phone, no tablet, and no lapatop. Its amazing how much time we spend staring at screens and there was definately a hole in my life for the weekend….so I picked up a real book and played my guitar!

    My children would be all over that hot chocolate!

  22. 18 November 2016 / 11:23 pm

    You can’t beat a good caravan holiday can you, and it sounds as if you really needed the break. Sometimes it’s just being together on holiday that means so much. Especially when you have older kids and they spend time out with friends, or in their caves at home. And yum that hot chocolate looks divine x

    • 18 November 2016 / 11:47 pm

      Definitely get what you mean here, in the evenings they usually disappear to their room whereas on holiday we spend all of our time together usually :)

      Stevie x