Sunsets in Cornwall: Wheal Coates St Agnes


Wheal Coates Sunset


I am slightly (very) biased, but Cornwall really does have some of the best spots for watching the sunset. One of my personal favourites is Wheal Coates in St Agnes.


Before the sun even starts to set there, you have the colourful carpet of gorse and heather all over the place. Plus the trails to walk along with breathtaking sea views.


Wheal Coates colourful plants


Stunning St Agnes


I’ve written about Wheal Coates before, although it was over three years ago and my phone camera then was no where near as good as my Huawei P20 Pro now is. All of these were taken with my new phone, tech today slightly blows my mind!


Colourful sky Wheal Coates St Agnes coastline


sunset seascape


There’s something extra special about watching a sunset by the sea, seeing the colours from the sky reflected on the water. That’s what I love the most about watching fireworks over the sea as well.


sunset and the sea


‘The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.’ – Jacques Cousteau


pink sea and sky Wheal Coates


When you are at Wheal Coates, you are surrounded by mining heritage and the old buildings definitely add drama to the scenery. It’s such a fascinating place and definitely one for the Poldark fans to visit.


Mining heritage and sunset at Wheal Coates


Wheal Coates mining heritage


St Agnes beauty - Wheal Coates


Mining heritage - St Agnes


Watching the sunset there could be really romantic and we did see a couple all cuddled up watching the sunset. However, if you’re like Si and I it may be more about getting competitive to see who can take the better photos ha! In case you wondered… I totally won photo wise this time.


I love that he enjoys photography almost as much as I do and that he is as competitive as I am.


St Agnes sunset and engine house Wheal Coates


I asked on my Twitter account where other people’s favourite places to watch the sunset in Cornwall were and if you click through to Twitter below and scroll through the answers, you can see some gorgeous photos that people posted in reply to me.



Do you have a favourite spot in Cornwall to watch the sun set? Now that the boys are older and we can actually go out for a little while later at night without needing a babysitter, I am looking forward to watching a whole lot more sunsets.


Stevie x



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