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Ten Things I have Liked / Loved This Month – May

Time for my favourite post of the month! I really do love looking back at the past month and noting the things I have liked and loved, it never fails to make me smile! I link this post up every month to my #TenThings blog linky, which is open for any bloggers to link up with, the more the merrier!

Anyway here is my list of ten things I have liked/loved this month, in no particular order..

1. Fin’s HbA1c test result – This is basically a 3 monthly finger prick blood test that my Type 1 Diabetic son Fin has, the result of which tells our consultant how well controlled Fin’s diabetes has been over the previous few months.

For those of you that know what it means his was 6.9%, for those of you who don’t, basically his result was in the perfect range, the range we should be in for him to hopefully avoid complications from his condition.

I usually call it the ‘bad Mum’ test rather that HbA1c, and I am always relieved when it’s a good result, even if we try our hardest all the time, it’s nice to have confirmation that we are doing okay!

2. My Tots 100 Score¬†– I am now the proud owner of a ‘top 500’ badge as I am currently ranked number 365 out of over 8000 parent blogs! I was so pleased with this, as I really do put the hours in and it’s lovely to feel I’m achieving something…plus I have a pretty top 500 badge ;)

tots 100 Top 500

3. Si starting to knock the old sheds down РThere are disgusting old concrete sheds in our garden which leaked, had mushrooms growing in them and just generally looked horrible. Now they are over halfway demolished, and I am so excited to be seeing them disappear. Poor Si is seriously over doing it as usual though as he has a physical job as a welder all week long as well.

Si Shed Demolition

The new sheds he’ll be building will house the usual stuff like a tumble dryer (currently squashed in to the dining room), chest freezer and tools, but will also have a little gym area for me. I can’t wait to get my treadmill out of the spare room and hopefully buy myself a punch bag.

According to Simon I suffer from short person angry syndrome, so having something to whack as a stress reliever will be brilliant!

4. My new Photos of Cornwall section – I am loving that I get to share photos of my gorgeous county with you, and from all over the county since it is other people’s photos I am showcasing! If any one has any holiday snaps from Cornwall that they’d like to share any time or if you live here and fancy being featured, then let me know as it’s open to professionals, amateurs and everyone in between.

5. Registering as self-employed – I like to keep everything legal, and although I’m not in any danger of becoming a millionaire any time soon, I am really liking the fact that I am now making money from doing something that I love so much.

6. Being nominated for the MADS blog awards – Another blog one, but I couldn’t not add this one! I was absolutely thrilled to hear that some lovely person (or people?) nominated me for the Blog of the Year award from Tots 100 MADS Blog awards, and although I really can’t imagine I’ll have a chance of winning, you can see how to nominate me in my recent MADS blog post.

MADS Tots100 badge

7. Visiting the beach at Bedruthan Steps – Despite the fact that the steps back up nearly killed me, it was lovely to spend some time as a family with my sister Bex, her husband and my crazy niece. It’s really a beautiful place for a walk.

Bedruthan Beach Steps

8. The boys being Toy Testers – We have been selected this month to be toy testers for Wicked Uncle, and the boys got to choose what they tested. They were thrilled by this, and have plans for a YouTube video made by them for the blog post and toy test. This could be very interesting, although Si has refused to let them test the spud guns out on him for the video – I said no as well, as not sure I want to encourage other people’s children to shoot people?!

Spud Gun -

9. Our new printer – This seems like a bit of a sad one, but for years we’ve had a beaten up old printer that takes forever to untangle and plug in and now today I have bought a lovely new one that also photocopies/scans/prints/answers the phone and washes up…well not quite but it’s still very cool!

10. Selling the boys old toys – They have been having a big clear out of things they are too old for now (sob!) and we have been doing a lot of ebaying recently, and I am loving the de-cluttering, plus the money is going in to their bank accounts for when they are grown up, and it’s a nice feeling seeing their little nest eggs grow.

What have you been liking and loving this month?

Stevie x

A Cornish Mum


  • Brigitte

    I just love reading your monthly ten things linky! Im so excited for you that your blog is taking off big time. Those badges are so well deserved Looking forward to seeing your new sheds. Short person angry syndrome…now that’s a new one on me ! Definitely going to use that as an excuse in the future ! Now to go and think of my 10 things . xx

  • Pickinguptoys

    Busy month for you lovely lady!Doing so well,so it’s so nice to see it’s paying off!Bet the boys are loving the toy testing.Not that you’re a big kid and have fun too or anything *ahem*.Loving your pics too,so pretty.Here’s to another great month! #TenThings

    Julie x

  • Jenny Eaves

    Lovely list! Well done on the Tots100 top 500 and the Mads Blog nomination. Great that Fin’s results are so good. Oh and I can’t imagine you being an angry person, you come across so nice on your blog!! :) x

  • acornishmum

    Aw thank you Bree! We’ve been shopping today for some storage for all my blog paperwork and review bits, as it’s taking over our lounge at the moment. Weirdly I LOVE furniture shopping and had a great time nosing at dream pieces of furniture I would need to own a mansion to fit in!!
    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    It’s definitely been a busy month Julie! I’m so chuffed to be nominated etc along with lovely people such as yourself! ;) I hope we both have an amazing month lovely.

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    Thanks Jenny :) and ha I’m not really an angry person, but when something sets me off it properly does and Si loves to wind me up on purpose as he finds it funny! The punch bag would be good for stress relief as I tend to be a grind my teeth in my sleep person when I’m stressed and it drives the poor man mad (karma)

    Stevie x

  • Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods)

    Congratulations on the blog nominations, rankings and awards. That is amazing because I am just starting to realise myself the dedication that blogging takes. It’s not just about writting a post like I first thought and I admire those of you who are dedicated enough to be able to win awards and even make money through blogging. That is definately not my vision right now as I just don’t have the time but who knows what the future holds ;-(

  • acornishmum

    It does take over a bit if you aren’t careful though, and I work wayyy too many hours for not a lot of money (yet hopefully), I think the longer you do it the quicker and easier things get though and you learn your own shortcuts that really help to speed things up!

    Stevie x

  • Adventures of a Novice Mum

    Lovely list of 10 things from your month. Congratulations on your MADs nomination & Tots100 score; so lovely that you’re earning from your blog too. So many lovely things; hoping the next month continues to deliver lots of goodies and rewards for your hardwork. #TenThings

  • Mummyandmonkeys

    Well done again on the TOTS badge! Well deserved. Bedruthan Steps is one of my favourite places in the World, its beautiful. We are going to be testers too next month, the boys are going to love it. Looking forward to the video x

  • acornishmum

    Thanks lovely :) Bedruthan is one of my favourite places as well, although Tintagel is hard to beat ;) Fab you get to be toy testers too, it’s great when our blogging gives them extra treats isn’t it?!

    Stevie xx

  • Lizzie Woodman

    This is a great list – well done on your blogging ranking, that’s brilliant! My husband is a Type 1 diabetic so I fully understand how you feel about point 1 – so here’s an even bigger well done to you for that one! x

  • acornishmum

    Thanks Lizzie, my son is so good about all the Type 1 stuff he makes me very proud and it would be a lot harder if he wasn’t so grown up about it all :) and thank you :)

    Stevie x

  • Jade (Raising the Rings)

    Lovely post as usual Stevie! We’ve been picked to be toy testers for Wicked Uncle too, but not until the end of June. Of course, after our Cornwall holiday in July, I’d love to feature in your ‘photos of Cornwall’ if you’ll let me? Hehe!

    It’s so good to hear Fin’s test results came back perfect, always good to know you’re doing a good job isn’t it? I really ought to do something like this, but I just forget (terrible blogger, I know)


  • acornishmum

    Thanks Jade (Pocahontas) :) Of course you can be in photos of Cornwall lovely, and really hoping we do manage to meet when you’re down!!

    Stevie xx

  • amherbert

    Sounds like May was a great month for you Stevie. Big congrats on the Tots100 and Mad nomination.
    Love seeing your pictures of Cornwall in my G+ feed.

    Thanks for hosting.

  • Lamesha

    That’s awesome that your son’s blood work came back perfect. I have a kidney disease and everytine I have to get blood work done I get so nervous! Excited to see what your garden looks like after the demo is finished and again after you get your new shed built. Thanks for always including me in the #TenThings.

  • Penny

    Congratulations on your Top 500 TOTS rank! Top 100 by end of the year then eh? :D

    Oooh, do like your Photo’s of Cornwall section too – already some great shots in there I see. Cornwall is a stunning part of the country so looking forward to more of those.

    I shall have to dig through some of my old photos to see if I have any that aren’t embarrassingly bad, hehe. Or I could just use it as an excuse to visit Cornwall again – I’m sure Bloke would totally understand my reasoning “but I *need* to take a photo!!!” haha.

  • acornishmum

    Thanks Penny! Top 100 would be amazing but a lot of work I’d imagine! If you have any Cornwall shots you would be more than welcome to join in with my section lovely! Good excuse for a holiday as well ;) We’ve had a few beautiful days down here weather wise lately!

    Stevie x

  • Hannah

    Loads of lovely reasons to love may I think :) I do love getting the kids a toy to review its good fun. Those steps look like they would kill me off! Glad you had fun though. Well done for all the blog related happiness too (and people not person!) x

  • acornishmum

    It’s definitely lovely being able to give them extra treats now! It’s been a fun but very busy month :) Thanks lovely, looking forward to our coffee soon!
    Stevie xx

  • Becster

    I loved your list! I especially love the fact that you’re liking registering as self employed – most people don’t! (If you need any help give me a shout)

    And yay for Fin’s test results! Good news! :)

  • acornishmum

    Thanks lovely! I registered as soon as I started getting paid for anything, I’m too honest to not! ;) I suspect his next test might not be so good, he’s not stopping eating at the moment and he’s growing at a ridiculous rate which messes with it. I can now wear his jumpers!!

    Stevie x

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