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Ten Things I have Liked/Loved This Month: December

Well obviously the main thing I have loved is my children, Si and various family members and friends, but that’s kind of a given!! But other than them, here are the ten things that I have liked and loved in no particular order so please don’t take offence anyone! ……

1. Starting my own blog! I’ve always loved writing, I’m obsessed with lists, as you may notice, and I never stop talking apparently…therefore this is perfect for me!

2. Winning £500 in a Heart FM radio competition from Retallick Resort and Spa, thank you so much to heart and Retallick the money will definitely go to good use once it arrives! I used to moan that I never won anything….but then realised I never really entered anything, and have been entering competitions I come across much more lately, and oh boy was it worth the time!

As I was writing this I have also had confirmation on Twitter that I have won a years subscription to In Style magazine as well! I’ve had a few other wins as well, but I’ll save more details for another blog post!

3. My children’s art work! I love it when they make me cards or do pictures for me! They have been known to write me sweet notes as well, but I won’t embarrass them by telling you the details!

Boys art work

4. Father Christmas at Trelawney Garden Centre. As you will see on my other blog post about this, I took my kids to see Santa this year at Trelawney, and it was brilliant. I especially enjoyed it, as I am pretty sure this may be the last year my eldest will be willing to get involved!

Skinny Topcorn

5. Metcalfe’s Skinny topcorn sweet ‘n salt flavour popcorn. I absolutely love this stuff, the mix of sweet and salty popcorn together is divine, and the fact that it’s only 115 calories per generous serving is a real added bonus! This popcorn has stopped me from ‘cheating’ on my pre crimbo diet, as its filling as well, and has kept me away from the chocolate! I buy mine at Asda, but keep an eye out elsewhere too!

6. My new Active Woman Treadmill from I’m using it every day for walking and the occasional run (I’m recovering from back problems so can’t push it too far at the mo!). With my back problems this has been perfect, even on my stiffest days a walk on here helps to ease the pain and energises me for the day!

7. Getting back in to my smallest pair of jeans! See the above two in the list! Although, blogging and twittering have helped keep my hands and mind busy and away from food as well!

8. My sons’ Christmas mugs that we bought from school through the School Fundraising Company What a fab idea! We absolutely love the mugs we ordered with the boys’ art work on, and they were only £6 each, and £2 from each one went to the school, which will benefit us anyway!

Christmas Mugs


9. Making friends on twitter, I love ‘meeting’ new people, so this has been lovely for me, and I am looking forward to properly meeting lots more as I go out and about looking for blogging inspiration!

10. Fred and Eve, These aren’t random people I’ve met, but the name of a fab online company I have found through Twitter! Their website is and they have fabulous handbags for sale, and gorgeous accessories. My personal favourite is pictured below, as a ‘subtle HINT to any loved ones yet to buy my crimbo pressie! ;)

Fred and Eve Bracelet


Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter what you have liked/loved this month! I will be continuing this trend for January and other months of course! :)

I’m just adding a quick note of thanks to this post, as the lovely people at sent me the bracelet that I loved so much, and it was even more lovely than it looked on the website! The hint was not aimed at them *blushes* but thank you again!

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