The 12 Days of Plenty Giveaway

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Plenty are running a fun competition giveaway over on their Facebook page at the moment, called the 12 Days of Plenty. #12DaysofPlenty.


Each day from the 1st December until the 12th December, there is a daily riddle to try and solve, with a prize to be won every day. So far the prizes have included a Lego lighthouse, vouchers and even a coffee maker. They announce the winners over on the Facebook page and have already made lots of people very happy.


Since it is ’12 Days of Plenty’, I thought I would write my own 12 Days of Plenty list and describe some of the ways that Plenty is likely to be used in our house over the festive season.


The 12 Days of Plenty - Christmas competitions


Day One –┬áPlenty can help you to do the really grim jobs around the house. For instance we all know that we shouldn’t put fat from chicken and other meat down the sink, but it is pretty gross to deal with. However, using a sheet or two of kitchen roll can mean you can get rid of the fat by scooping it up without having to touch it at all.


Day Two – Wiping up the mud on the floor traipsed in by the 500 friends who seem to come and call for the boys. Apparently these friends come to our house via a muddy swamp. Plenty is perfect for picking up the lumps before mopping the floor. Or you can cheat and use a bit of wet Plenty to clean that one spot.


Day Three – Blowing your nose because the colds have been going on for so long in your house, that you have exhausted the tissue supplies.


Day Four – Cleaning the bathroom mirror before guests arrive. A quick spray with cleaner and a wipe over with Plenty and the guests may believe that your house is always ‘this’ clean.


Day Five – Once your house is clean for Christmas, you want it to stay that way. Kitchen roll can be really handy to put on the worktop in the kitchen, so that when you are cooking you can put the spoon down somewhere without making mess.


Day Six – To clean up spilled drinks. It is completely acceptable to make everyone drink out of sippy cups and travel mugs after the New Year right?


Plenty kitchen roll


Day Seven – Having a salad with any of your meals over the festive period? It is rare to use the whole bag of salad if you do, but popping the salad inside a food bag with some kitchen roll in there wrapped around it can keep your salad fresher for much longer. It will soak in any condensation and excess wet, stopping the lettuce from breaking down and becoming a squidgy mess so quickly.


Day Eight – At this time of year the car windscreen can get really fogged up and hard to see out of. I can either wait for ten minutes whilst my car finally clears the window with the heater, or use the kitchen roll that I keep in the car. I use it for a quick wipe of the windows, emergency nose bleed situations, to wipe the dipstick when testing the oil level in the car and for wiping my hands when I’ve eaten something disgustingly yummy and fatty.


Day Nine – I use kitchen roll to help me clean the kitchen. At this time of year with all the bugs around, antibacterial spray and kitchen roll are constantly in use on the kitchen worktops, fridge door where grimy hands touch, and handles.


Plenty kitchen roll for cleaning


Day Ten – It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the boys’ football boots are in constant use and the easiest way I find to clean them without having to freeze using the hose outside is to use wet kitchen roll. It has to be a strong kitchen roll like Plenty, but once I’ve knocked the worst of the mud off outside and warm wet piece of kitchen roll is perfect for getting in between the studs for a good clean. I wouldn’t use a normal cloth for this as it would wreck it, so something disposable is perfect.


Day Eleven – Keeping out the winter chills. One of our windows in our lounge doesn’t close properly, but would cost a lot to replace. Unfortunately this means that when there is a lot of wind, our lounge curtains blow and it becomes freezing in there. The only solution I have found that works, is to fold kitchen roll and pop it in the gaps. Instantly a whole lot warmer and quieter.


Day Twelve – Save the cardboard inserts from any rolls you use up to use for crafts, panicky last minute homework assignments or just for poking those around you when you’ve had enough of cooking and cleaning whilst everyone works their hardest to destroy all your hard work.


Have you got any other random uses that you use kitchen roll for? Don’t forget to pop over to Facebook and join in with the #12DaysofPlenty competition! If you win pop back and tell me what amazing prize you ended up with.


Good Luck,


Stevie x


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  1. 11 December 2016 / 10:44 pm

    I love the tip about the salad, I’m going to try that! We never get through a whole bag.