Monthly Bucket List

My February Bucket List!

I was recently invited by the lovely Beth over at to take part in her new monthly blog link up. When she told me the subject was a monthly bucket list, I did wonder for a moment whether she knew something that I didn’t, or whether I really looked so rough that I appeared to be on my last legs….luckily no phew!

In fact the link up is a monthly bucket list, and is basically a list of what I either wish or hope for, aim for and plan to achieve over the coming month…not my dying wishes! If it was a ‘traditional’ bucket list, then a trip to see the Northern lights would be very much near the top! Okay, enough waffling, here is my list!

This month I want….

  • To sort my eldest son’s eczema out once and for all! Poor Fin had a good few weeks with no eczema at all for the first time since he was a baby last month, but now he has had a couple of weeks of the worst eczema he’s had in years! Beyond frustrating, and he’s on steroid cream for now to clear it up, but I’m hoping to find something else that works, for him to stop it getting to this point again. Being a type 1 diabetic he is very prone to infections, so it is even more important!


  • It’s Harley’s birthday on 19th Feb, and I want to make it a brilliant birthday for him! I may even try to bake a cake! I think the last time that I did this was when I baked a cake for my Dad, but put lots of bicarb in for some bizarre reason, and actually burnt his throat….sorry Dad! I still can’t believe my ‘baby’ boy will be 9 though!


  • To increase my site views…this is an obvious one for any blogger I know! Since I started on 15th January 2015 I have had 936 views (this was going up as I checked!), which I don’t feel is bad for a new blog, but there is always room for improvement!


  • To finally see the bottom of my ironing pile! Ever since I started blogging, there are certain ‘tasks’ that have fallen by the wayside! The problem is, I have run out of places to hide my ironing pile when people come to visit! My best friend thinks I am a bit of a ‘clean freak’, but that is only because she has never opened a cupboard in my house, or arrived unannounced! But ssh don’t tell her, I quite like the illusion!


  • To give blood for the first time! I have my first appointment booked for the 12th Feb, and I am a little nervous weirdly, but it is something I have been meaning to do for a long time, so no backing out!


  • To increase my follower numbers! I want to get my bloglovin followers to 300 for my blog! I have 224 followers of my profile, and 147 of my actual blog so far! You can click on the logos on the right side of my blog to follow me on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, bloglovin, and any others I may add soon!! You can also add your email to ‘subscribe to my blog via email’ link below the follow buttons to get an email whenever I make a new blog post!


  • To learn how to use my lovely Nikon Coolpix camera on any setting other than auto! I have had the camera for quite a while, but with how good the camera is on my phone have gotten a little lazy about playing with it!


So, that’s my February bucket list, do let me know what would be on your monthly bucket list, or even on your ‘traditional’ bucket list!




  • lucy magicmaker

    Hey Cornish Mum ! Love your blog. I don’t think you waffled too much :) Hope your little boy gets better and his skin problems clear up. I know its not the same thing, but one of my little dogs was born with a skin problem, which flared up in some form or other every time he was under the weather. Finally, he had a massive reaction to flea treatment which caused enormous rash and hives to come out all over his body. He was beside himself with itching. The vet gave him antibiotics and steroids, and he’s never had a rash since. His fur is thicker, and he is healthier than ever before, stronger and changed in some way for the best. I am sure it was the steroids which healed the underlying problem. As for the bicarb tastes in your cakes, add more chocolate ! Good luck with the Feb bucket list. Remember that cleanliness starts from the inside of the cupboard, out … and not from outside the cupboard piled in … Lucy Magicmaker

  • Beth Twinderelmo

    Sorry to hear of Fin’s eczema – sounds horrible. Hope the cream helps it. I’d offer some advice about baking but I’m awful! Hope Harley has a lovely 9th birthday x
    In relation to blog views – linkies are a good way to find new blogs etc but the best way I’ve found is good old reading & commenting on others I’ve made loads of new friends this way and built up a readership
    I’m rubbish at ironing too. Putting away clothes is definitely my Achilles heel of housework1 I wrote about giving blood. I’ll dig out the link & tweet it you – it’s so rewarding!
    Look forward to reading all about it at the end of this month
    Thanks for linking xx

  • Mel

    Hi there, nice to ‘meet’ you! Wow, you’ve only been blogging for a few weeks and yet it looks like you’ve been doing it for ages! Your photos look fab. Great targets for February. I did my ironing yesterday night, and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted when I finished :) Well done for having so many followers on Bloglovin! I have been blogging for a year and I have less than 100 following me, hehe!

  • acornishmum

    Thank you! As for bloglovin I follow a lot of people on there, and try and comment on a lot of blogs when I have the time, I think that helps! As does a lot of chatting to other bloggers on twitter :) My ironing is my task for tomorrow, determined to fight my way through it!!x

  • acornishmum

    Thankfully Fin’s eczema is gradually calming down, it’s a mega strong cream he’s using though so definitely a short term solution, but at least it’s sorting this flare up! I’m the same with blog reading and commenting, I do as often as I can, and I’ve made some fab blogging friends through this and through Twitter! I’ll have a read of your post about giving blood this week, it might prepare me lol! xx

  • Clare Mansell

    You seem to be doing really well for a new blogger, good luck with continuing to grow your audience.

  • acornishmum

    Thank you! I had a blogspot blogger blog for about a month before I started my .com but yep still very new, but loving it! I’m putting the time and work into it :) x

  • Jennifer

    Hi,I just wanted to share that my niece had really bad eczema for years. Patchy,itchy skin all over and in between her fingers on her hands…Anyhow recently she came to visit,a young adult and is eczema free!! I asked her what changed and she said she removed gluten from her diet. She said she has an occasional treat,but anymore these days you can find so many gluten free tasty options. Hope this may help with your boy;)

  • acornishmum

    Hi, thanks for replying, I don’t think I will be trying gluten free, as I can imagine that would be a bit of a nightmare to manage unless you really had to! :) Luckily his steroid cream has sorted this outbreak now, and he’s feeling so much better for it! I’m just going to be looking more for a cream solution that helps when he has a minor flare up really. Thank you for taking the time to try and help though it’s very much appreciated x

  • acornishmum

    Thanks :) Luckily this flare up has now virtually disappeared, so he is much happier! Will be experimenting with different creams etc if and when it flares again tho x

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