The Boys do Toy Testing for Wicked Uncle!

When I had an email asking whether we would like to be toy testers for Wicked Uncle, it took me all of a second to decide that the answer was yes! I knew the boys would love doing it, and even better I got to treat the boys to some new toys thanks to the generous people at Wicked Uncle.

I let the boys choose what to order within the value that Wicked Uncle allowed us, and for £40 they managed to get two spud guns, a moon ball and a magnetic dart board, which I thought was great value!

The delivery came within a couple of days, and I was really impressed with the quality of everything. The spud guns are actually metal not cheap plastic like they usually seem to be, and also fire pellets, potato and work as water guns. The moon ball will bounce anywhere and really high, you can see a little bit of that in the video further down this page.

Wicked Uncle Toys

My favourite item was the magnetic dart board which was fun for me to join in with, and unlike other ones I have tried in the past for children, the darts actually stay on the board when they hit it as the magnets are very strong.

The boys who are YouTube addicts immediately begged me to let them do a YouTube video review, and I agreed much to their excitement. So instead of me telling you any more about what I thought about our order (loved it though) I will leave it to the ‘experts’ and their first ever YouTube video.

If you like their video then please do pop over to our YouTube channel, like it and comment on it to make their day!

Thank you Wicked Uncle you have two huge mini men fans on our house and the grown ups love you too! If you want to see what other brilliant things Wicked Uncle sells, then pop over to the Wicked Uncle website.

Stevie x



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