The Christmas Gift Guide for Older Children.

The older my boys get, the harder they have become to buy for. Mostly because their tastes are for much more expensive items than they used to be, and because they are at an in between stage. They still want to play, just not with ‘baby-ish’ things. This is why I have written this Christmas guide for older children, to help others (and myself through the research) with ideas!

Christmas Gift Guide

I’ve done the boys and girls together on this, as so many of the things I found would suit both, and not everyone tends to be stereotypical in their tastes. Here’s what I found.

christmas gift guide

1 – Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head – This one is an Iron Man one from Zavvi priced at £9.99 and actually kind of cute. Both of my boys love these figures, and they are definitely on their Christmas list.

2 – Remote Control Tarantula – Sorry for including this one, even the photo creeps me out, which is why it is bound to appeal to many older children like my two. This hairy little fellow is £19.99 from MenKind

3 – Mini Enamel Dot Necklace – I would love one of these myself, but I can see them appealing to the tweens and teens. They are £14.99 each with an additional £2 for any extra charms, such as the initial ones from Not on The High Street.

4 – Chocolate and sweets – The photo shows chocolate games controllers from The Brilliant Gift Shop priced at £9 for two, but really whatever their favourite chocolate or sweets are will make a brilliant gift. Especially in bulk, considering how much most tweens and teens eat.

5 – Selfie Stick – Yes this one make me cringe as well, but if they don’t have one already, then most of them would probably love one. This one is from The Great Gift Company, is £15 and I would honestly not borrow it for blog photos if I buy one for one of the boys for Christmas…

6 – Pacman Colour Changing Ghost Lamp – I am resisting the urge to buy this for myself, he’s just so cute. This colour changing lamp can be bought at PrezzyBox for £19.99 and is one of my favourites of this list.

7 – Minion Stationery – The Minions aren’t just for small children (I love them!) and this furry notebook from The Book People is brilliant, it also comes with a pen and some Minion rubbers all for £4.99!

8 – Batman Mirror – This Batman mirror is 70cm wide and a perfect addition to a tween or teen room. Once we’ve fnally gotten round to switching rooms with the boys and redecorating, this is top of Fin’s wish list for their new room. It is £35 from The Great Gift Company who I have only recently discovered.

9 – Dobble – We reviewed Dobble earlier this year, and the boys loved it. It’s a simple, but fun game and perfect for Tweens. You can buy Dobble from Amazon for around £13.

10 – Rubik’s Cube – I also recently wrote a post on the Rubik’s Cube, and it’s one of those retro gifts that never really goes out of fashion. You can buy direct from Rubik’s for £11.99 and there are even different types of cube that you can choose now

11 – Gingerbread Men Earrings – These earrings are actually from My First Jewellery, but would still suit older children as they are really cute. They have some gorgeous pieces on their site, and these earrings are only £8.

12 – Trendz Power bank – Considering how surgically attached to their phones teens (and some tweens) seem to be, this is the perfect present. A power bank means that they have a way to charge their phones away from home – reassuring for us if they are out without us. These are a bit ‘girly’ looking but you can buy more boyish looking ones if you do a google search ;) These pretty ones are from Trendz, can be bought on Amazon and are less than £15 each.

13 – Sound-asleep  iPillow – I bought both of the boys one of these pillows a couple of years ago and they still love them. You can plug your iPod or iPhone into a lead inside the pillow and listen to your music by putting your head against the pillow, but no one else can hear it. They also help to be safer, as there is no long headphone lead to worry about whilst they sleep. The one above is from PrezzyBox and is £14.95.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration! I wasn’t asked to include any of the items above in my gift list, they are all just things that I think would make a great gift for an older child or teen. I made sure to make them all reasonably priced as well, as this Christmas malarkey certainly adds up!

You can also add to this list gift cards for places like Game which are always loved by this age range, iTunes and Google play vouchers, XBOX live membership and points and a wide selection of video games and dvds. Maybe they aren’t as hard to buy for as I first thought?!

Nadelik Lowen (Merry Christmas) everyone,

Stevie x

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  1. 21 November 2015 / 8:49 pm

    Rubik’s cube, how 80’s! Don’t know about the teens but I think my hubby would love the remote control terrantula!! X

    • 21 November 2015 / 8:51 pm

      Ha, I suspect Si would enjoy torturing me with that one ;)

      Stevie x