The Cornish Christmas Gift Guide


Being Cornish and living all my life in Cornwall, I didn’t think it would be right to do my Christmas gift guides on here without doing a gift guide to show you some amazing places to buy gorgeous gifts from in Cornwall. Even better, they all have online shops so you can buy a little piece of Cornwall from the comfort of your sofa.


The Cornish Christmas Gift Guide


All of the gifts I’ve selected below are sold in shops based in Cornwall, and there are a huge amount I didn’t have the room to include. Many also didn’t have websites that you can buy from, so if you live in Cornwall or are planning to visit then check out little local shops and craft fairs for unique Cornwall inspired gifts as well.


Christmas Gift Guide - Cornwall


1. Maritime wash bag from Hootchie Mama £8.95. This is in their children’s section, but I think it would make a cute gift for anyone.


2. This pastel glass star decoration from Jo Downs is just gorgeous. They are £7 each and would make such a lovely gift for someone, or to keep for your own tree of course. It adds a little bit of extra class to the usual Christmas decorations I think.


3. Jewel Box Cornwall is a new small company with a lovely idea to display jewellery. The display boxes can be very much personalised, and it would be an amazing idea for someone’s wedding jewellery or as a way to display the more expensive pieces of jewellery that you only wear occasionally but would love to show off more. The snowflake Jewel Box above including the necklace within is £28.


4. I’ve just discovered Made in Cornwall with Love, which is a place to buy handmade jewellery made locally by Michelle Lobb. Because it is handmade every single piece is unique, and looking at her selling page on Folksy, I’m sure this would make a brilliant Christmas (or any other time of the year) gift for someone special. The earrings in the photo are £20 and there are all sorts of other gorgeous items to choose from.


5. Rodda’s make gorgeous clotted cream, which I have actually given as a gift a few times. However for children, who might not be quite so impressed with a tub of cream for Christmas, Rodda’s have produced their very own children’s book. Based in Cornwall, The Great Cream Robbery is a wonderful high quality book for sale at the price of £7.99 on the Rodda’s website.


6. For children bracelets from  UV Buddy are a great gift, which you can either buy as a normal bracelet or as one with special UV detecting beads in. UV isn’t just outside in the Summer months, and these bracelets that change colour according to how high the levels of UV are, are a great way to know when to put sun cream on and protect ourselves – they make them for adults as well. The bracelets start from £4.99.


7. This Tree of Life Beech wood box is from St Justin and is £35.75 and would make a good gift for a man or a woman, as to what they’d put in it that’s their decision, but I just love the look of it.


8. Now that we all have to take our own bags to the supermarket or pay for them, why not shop in style? I love this £8 tote bag from Melly Bee, which would also be perfect for the beach.


9. I currently have a competition running to win one of the pull-along wooden toys from buttercup-baby and although this £9.99 giraffe isn’t made in Cornwall, buttercup-baby is in Cornwall and sell items from local manufacturers and independents as well.


10. The Cornish Store sell all sorts of Cornwall related goodies – anyone for a Poldark cushion?! I especially love though their Cornish Christmas decorations like the Cornish tartan Christmas tree I’ve included above. It’s only £2.99 and I love the idea of making my Christmas tree more Cornish this year!


11. These Cornish St Piran flag cufflinks are from St justin, and are the cufflinks I gave my own Dad for Christmas the year before last for him to wear on his wedding day. The perfect gift for a Cornish man for special occasions, they are currently on the site for £30.75.


12. These Mini Xmas Star Wishsticks from Jo Downs Glass are £16 each and are simply beautiful. I’m determined to own a special piece of Jo Downs hand-made glass at some point, as after discovering it at the Royal Cornwall Show this year, I’m a little bit in love with her work!


13. This sterling silver bracelet from Crofty Tin is £30 and a little bit special, whilst the bracelet is sterling silver, the charms on it are made from Cornish tin. I love the idea of wearing a bit of Cornwall on your wrist, and the Crofty Tin website is full of beautiful gift ideas for men and women. Anything from there is top of my personal Christmas gift list this year.


14. My last but far from least item is again from Crofty Tin, and this time is a St Piran’s flag tie slide, which is £30 and made again from Cornish tin. What a great way to show off your pride at your heritage.


I hope I’ve given you a few Cornwall inspired ideas above for gifts this year. Just as a note, not one of the items above were sent to me to include in the gift guide, even if I have previously worked with any of them, nor did any of the companies above ask me to include them – images are from their websites and they retain the full rights to them.

Happy Christmas Shopping everyone! Nadelik Lowen (Merry Christmas),

Stevie x


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