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I love writing positive posts, and I also love photography, so when the lovely Becster tagged me in this blogging tag I said yes to doing it straight away. Basically I am going to share with you eight photos of happiness, or rather eight photos of things that make me happy. Here goes….


My Boys
My Boys – My World


Obviously my boys will always come at the top of any list that involves happiness. I always knew that I wanted to be a Mum one day, and although they came along a lot sooner than I was ready for, I would never change the fact that these handsome funny completely crazy people are mine.


It’s hard to believe looking at this photo which doesn’t seem that long ago, that I now have a 9-year-old and an almost 11-year-old (on Saturday!). They may drive me a little mad at times, but they make me happy, make me proud and also make me feel very lucky.


Si – the love of my life


I suspect I’ll be told off by him for not having him up the top, and to be honest the only reason he wasn’t joint with the boys, was that I couldn’t find a photo of the three of them that I loved more than the two photos above! I will try not to get too soppy here as he will tell me off, but he is the man I was always meant to be with.


He treats my boys like his own and does an amazing job at bringing them up with me, and he’s the best boyfriend, even if he does love to wind me up. I love his sense of humour, although I usually try to tell him his cheesy jokes aren’t funny, and we make each other laugh all the time. He makes me happier than I actually knew it was possible to be…sorry Si guessing I failed on the non soppy bit.


Christmas – Mousehole Lights


I love Christmas, I always have since I was a child and seeing the boys’ faces on Christmas morning is one of my favourite things. I love making them happy, as it makes me happy….plus I usually get spoilt and I also LOVE presents.


Holidays – Home and away!


I love going on holiday, whether it involves getting on a plane or just driving for half an hour. I’m just as happy with a staycation as a holiday abroad…well mostly, and some of our best holidays so far have been in Cornwall and Devon. This photo was taken at Trecombe Lakes near Falmouth and it is still one of the boys favourite mini holidays.


Business Cards
My Business Card ;)


My blog had to come into this. I have a great life with handsome mini men and a handsome full-grown big kid in a man’s body, but until I started my blog I wasn’t 100% happy. Yes I know, that probably makes me sound ungrateful for everything that I have, but it’s not meant like that.


Basically I gave up working when Fin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as he was in hospital a lot, and I found it hard to trust anyone else with him. This was great for the first couple of years, but then it starts to get a bit wearing. With the kids at school full-time and the majority of people I know working during the day, it was a bit of a lonely time, and I really missed having mental stimulation.


This is where the blog has come in, in the almost 6 months since I started A Cornish Mum, I’ve made new friends, had new experiences and now have not enough time for everything, rather than too much time to fill and I love it. I love feeling like I’m achieving something, and never knowing what I might be doing from one month to the next, plus since I work from home, I’m still not missing out on anything with the boys either and I’m here if Si has time off work. I feel like I now have the best of both Worlds and realise how truly lucky I am.


Pendennis Castle
Days out – Pendennis Castle


I love family days out, especially if it’s taking the boys to a new place. Our boys are active outdoors boys mostly, and we all enjoy being out and doing stuff together. I also love thinking on our days out that we’re making memories to look back on when they’re all grown up. I want them to smile to themselves whenever they think of their childhood.


Cornwall – Born and bred


Anyone who reads my blog could probably have guessed that this one would pop up in this list. I can’t help it though, I just love Cornwall, and feel so lucky to have been born where I was and to live where we do. I mean who wouldn’t be happy being able to enjoy views like the one above whenever they fancy?!




I love taking photos and I’m actually a little disappointed I haven’t had time lately just to go for a walk with my camera like I used to. There’s just something about catching that perfect view or perfect memory and storing it in a way that you can look back on it easily and smile.


I take photos everywhere I go, not just now that I blog and I have a slight Instagram addiction as I like sharing photos and love looking at everyone else’s. What I would love is to be able to afford a posher camera, but for now I need to get practising with the one I do have as I tend to use my phone.


By the way, the wonkyness of the photo above is because I was on a boat at the time, fishing! In case you wonder I’ve only been a few times and I was hopeless so ended up playing with my camera and sunbathing instead.

What makes you happy?


*I tag Maria at Suburban Mum, Michaela at Muddy Puddles & Glitter, Lisa at The Love of A Captain, Sharon at Teen Tween Toddler, Alan at Life with Baby Pink and the Boys, Laura at Dot makes 4, Ashleigh at Loving My Finley and anyone else who wants to do it let me know and I’ll tag you ;)*


The rules are that if you join in, you say who tagged you and where, and tag other bloggers to join in. Just a bit of fun really, but lovely to get to read more positive posts!

Stevie x


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