The Fun of Parenting Tweens and Teens


Once children go to secondary school, they seem to instantly feel that they are pretty much an adult. It’s a big step, they suddenly have more independence and they and their friends are suddenly allowed to meet up without parents being involved.


Sleepovers and meeting in town or at the park, are arranged between the tweens and the teens rather than having parents sort all the details. In fact ‘permission’ from the parents is usually only asked for, after all the details are arranged and they feel it’s a given their parents will agree – well that’s how it seems to work in this house anyway ha!


The fun of parenting tweens and teens


The thing is they feel like they’re adults now, but they aren’t. It’s no wonder the Tween and Teenage years are often the most argumentative – if you ignore the toddler insanity – they think they’re adults and we know that they aren’t. They seem to have zero fear and ours doubles now that they’re pulling away and have a whole separate life outside of the home.


Family days out are now ‘boring’ unless they cost a small fortune and even then you may well feel you wasted your money, as they’d rather be at home on the PS4/XBOX/Other random gadget shouting to their mates over Fortnite, or just hanging around in the park or in town doing nothing.


Apparently doing nothing with friends isn’t boring, but going on a day out that cost your Mother an arm and a leg is BORING. Their legs never get tired when they run around with friends for hours on end, but making them walk for more than ten minutes when you go out for the day is cruel and unnecessary punishment and BORING.


The tea you offer them is BORING, the television show that you used to always watch with them is also… you guessed it BORING. Sometimes parenting a teenager and a nearly teenager is a bit like knocking your head against a brick wall just for the ‘fun’ of it.


Of course at other times you feel immense pride at their independence, their strong willed characters¬† and how ridiculous tall they’re growing – somehow despite never wanting to eat anything that you put in front of them that doesn’t come in a takeaway container. Seriously all those ‘hidden’ vegetables and full scale rows at the dinner table seem to have paid off, there’s some relief in that ha!


If you’re reading this and your children aren’t tweens or teenagers yet don’t panic, there are all sorts of benefits really. Most days I remember this, until of course I try to get them to do something that they don’t want to or try to get them out of bed before lunchtime at the weekend.


In all seriousness though I have two totally ace almost men, as mad as they drive me we must be doing something right.


Stevie x

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  1. 22 June 2018 / 2:04 pm

    Aargh, scary stuff! I’m pretty sure your two are pretty much as good as it gets for teens and tweens though, they sound like real little gents most of the time. I hope I get on as well with my two as you do yours when they’re that age.

  2. 23 June 2018 / 3:57 pm

    Ahh! I have a teen and a tween and some days I am nearly pulling my hair out with stress and anger towards them but then days like today they’re fab! I blame secondary school. lol As soon as they go there they think they are adults.

    • 24 June 2018 / 11:09 am

      They really do and the worst bit is it’s like arguing with a mini version of yourself ha!

      Stevie x