Days Out in Cornwall

The Lizard


On Thursday Si and I escaped the teenagers for the day and went for a lovely long walk down at The Lizard here in Cornwall.


The Lizard views


Well I say ‘escaped’, but it was more that we attempted to organise a family day out and both teens already had plans with their friends and shunned us by choosing to spend time with friends instead and were a teeny bit miffed that we weren’t around to play taxi, so they had to walk into town.


Truth be told though, as much as I love them it was lovely to go for a long walk without someone moaning their feet hurt or that they were missing some special event on Fortnite or that God forbid there was no phone signal… but like I said I do love them.


The old lifeboat station at The Lizard


Anyway, so we went for a lovely long walk minus teenagers and had a really good lunch at The Polpeor Cafe too. There’s another place to eat nearby that we want to try another time too, but we do love The Polpor Cafe and the views are pretty amazing when you eat there.


Polpeor cafe outside seating area with sea views


The clifftops around The Lizard are a part of the southwest coast path and so you can literally walk for miles and miles in either direction if you want to. The views as you do are just glorious.


Typically when we went there it was a bit cloudy and hazy, just like it was last time we went – visit on a day when we’re not there and no doubt it’ll be blue skies and views for miles out to sea ha! It was still beautiful though.


Lizard lighthouse in the distance


Steps and fields around The Lizard


There were lots of rabbits around, we were even lucky enough to see several baby ones in the undergrowth. This photo isn’t amazing quality, but how cute is this baby bunny?!


baby bunny rabbit


We also saw all sorts of birds on our walk and kept an eye out for seals but sadly didn’t see any this time. I want to re-visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary at some point to see seals, as we loved it when we were invited there.


Sea views around the Lizard Cornwall


You do need to be careful when walking around the Lizard coastline, just like you need to anywhere near the cliffs. I’d definitely advise not letting your dog off of the lead, especially with the temptation of rabbits and birds to chase, as it’s a sheer drop most of the way around. Plus you can see where there have been relatively recent cliff falls.


The photo above was taken by holding my phone way out in front of me, I try to follow what I preach and not get too close to the edge myself, as tempting as it is for good photos, it really isn’t worth the risk.


Walking Cornwall - The Lizard clifftop views


Anyway, if you fancy walking around the Lizard yourself, there is a big National Trust car park (£5 for over 2 hours) to park in or you can park in the village where there’s another big car park and walk over to the clifftops. There are shops and places to eat in the village and once you get towards the cliffs too just down from the lighthouse.


Toilets wise, definitely get everyone to go as soon as you arrive, as the only toilets down that far are by the National Trust car park, the Polpeor cafe doesn’t have one and it’s a bit of a walk back up if you have a child desperate for the toilet. There are several benches dotted around along the southwest coast path, perfect for a short break and sitting watching the sea and the world go by. There is also a huge amount of room for setting up a picnic blanket too.


Other than that, just make sure your phone or camera are fully charged, because as I may have mentioned a couple of times in this post.. it’s beautiful down there.


Stevie x

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