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The Phone Graveyard

For most people these days a mobile phone is an essential… for me it is pretty much an extra limb according to Simon ;) Unfortunately though our home has turned in to a mobile phone graveyard, it is literally where all phones come to die.


The Phone Graveyard


In our house at the moment there are a total of six mobile phones, the number working one hundred percent the way that they should be equals zero. Ridiculous isn’t it?!

Here’s all the phones and how we’ve managed to destroy them gradually.


 My Phone 


Firstly we have my own Samsung Galaxy S5 which I love and use for all my blog photos, Twitter, Facebook, chats with fabulous blogger friends and the occasional one I’ve actually met in real life ;) Oh and texting Si about exciting things like what he’s having for tea, and texting the boys upstairs to ask them to bring me my phone charger…. yes I am a little ashamed of my laziness.

See I love my phone, but I have obviously loved it a little too much as overuse means that for the last 3 months I have had to cope with a screen that flickers green on and off, and a phone that takes up to thirty presses of the unlock button for it to actually unlock.

Oh and to make things more interesting, my screen doesn’t always work when my phone is ringing so I am currently playing Phone Russian Roulette as I have no idea who I am answering the phone to when it rings. Not that I’m admitting to ever screening my calls of course…. if I don’t answer I am honestly just busy Brownie’s honour – I so wasn’t ever a Brownie ;)

The earliest I can get a new phone upgrade on my phone contract is June…. I am literally counting down the days through eyes that seem to want to flicker green even without the phone in front of them after using it too much.


Si’s Phone


Si has the exact same phone in a different colour – his and her phones, cute hey?! His phone isn’t abused by overuse, it has mostly been burned and melted.

This makes him sound a bit like he’s been torturing his phone for fun, but he is actually a welder by trade and spends his days with molten burning bits of metal flying at him…. apparently the ones that work their way inside his overalls and down the back of his jeans are the worst eek.

Half his work t-shirts have burn holes in them, it’s not really a job for anyone averse to heat. He has an amazing phone cover he spent quite a lot of money on to protect his phone, and it worked great for over a year until a small bit of hot metal manages to find its way inside the case through the smallest of openings and melted part of his screen. It now has a nice crack right through the centre, but at least it still works.


Fin’s Phones


After the second time of dropping his iPhone in water, funnily enough it decided to never work again. We tried all sorts to try and dry it out and fix it, but unfortunately he has a completely useless phone. He was then given a spare from some one but it’s locked to a different network and not worth the money it would cost to get it unlocked – that’s useless phone number four in case you’ve lost track.

Useless phone number five is the one that he bought second and today. It’s a lovely iPhone 4S which looks great with no scratches etc, it works perfectly in every way except that the wi-fi doesn’t work on it at all, the wi-fi button doesn’t even exist any more somehow. We’ll be returning this phone asap and trying to sort him an emergency one.


Harley’s Phone


Harley is only ten and only had a phone because it was sent to me for free through Mumsnet as part of their insight panel to give my input to them and the phone manufacturers. Being free doesn’t make it any less annoying that Fin managed to smash part of the screen when he borrowed it due to ruining his own….

So there you have it a house with six mobile phones and not a single one doing what it should, we really do seem to be running a phone graveyard. I’m sure phones didn’t used to be so easy to break?! When June arrives Si and I will have new phones on new contracts to start destroying….

Are your family as good at destroying phones as ours is?!

Stevie x


  • Becster

    Ahhh yes what to do with those old phones. I’ve just had to invest in a new iPhone because mine kept dying – pretty sure there’s a “die-when-the-new-model-is-out” chip in it! I’ve kept it so Little Miss can play Thomas on it! :) x

  • Kim Carberry

    I have been quite lucky with phones….I have an Samsung Galaxy S5 and it seems to be OK apart from overheating sometimes. My fella has an HTC phone which has been dropped several times and my eldest has an Samsung S3 which has survived a swim in the bath….lol I hope you get replacements for them all soon x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh I can totally relate to this. I’m also terrible with mobile phones. I once went for a run in such heavy rain that my phone drowned! Maybe the Wi-Fi on the iPhone will be fixable? Fingers crossed!

  • Alan aka omgitsagirl2015

    Yes our house is the same.

    There are currently 3 1/2 fully working phones in our house.. The half works fine, with the exception of turning itself off every now and then. Buddy just uses that for watching YouTube and playing games on long journeys.

    We do have a drawer of dead phones.

    Samsung A3 (mine) broken lcd
    Lumia 535 (mine) smashed screen
    Motorola Moto E (herself) smashed screen
    Alcatel (#1 Son) went in the lake on holiday

    There have been many others over the years..

  • Margaret Gallagher

    I’ve had my S5 for 9 months and I love it
    Never had an upto date phone til this one
    Never had a single issue with it
    Still learning all its uses
    My brothers just got the S7 and that’s great too
    I’m glad they are waterproof as I’ve dropped mine in the washing up dish too and dropped it loads without breaking

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