The True Grinches of Christmas!

My post today, is about something that increasingly year on year is becoming more common, and increasingly annoys the hell out of me and most parents that I know! It’s about Grinches! At this time of year, when it should be ‘good will to all men’, and it’s really all about family time, and children, I am especially disgusted by these people!
And who are THEY? They are the horrible people who buy up every available popular toy from every store, making them impossible to find by desperate parents to fulfill Christmas lists and wishes. These people buy these items, knowing how popular they will be, or hoping, and then they put them on sites such as Ebay, at ridiculously inflated prices, that some poor desperate parents begrudgingly pay.
It just beggars belief to me, that to make a quick buck these people are willing to ruin lots of children’s Christmases! A belief in Father Christmas is unlikely to last as long if the one special gift they have asked him for, is the one gift that should be £14.99, but is now £49.99 on Ebay! Having sons with a love of Lego, I have come up against this every year, pretty much since they were old enough to ask for what they wanted!
This year it was the new Minecraft Lego that my sons desperately wanted, and luckily my Dad forward planned and did manage to get them some very early on. However, it’s been very hard to get hold of since, but as usual its popping up all over Ebay at vastly inflated prices. This trend is certainly not just restricted to Lego either, Match Attax cards are also one that I have come across that are massively inflated, and friends have had problems getting all sorts of either items that they refuse to pay ridiculous sums for on ebay.
These ebay sellers, are probably the same ones who make concert and other tickets sell out within hours, and then list these tickets for huge sums as well!
Anyway rant over, but GRINCHES you know who you are, and I hope you get a heart for Christmas! To everyone else I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and Santa brings you all what you wished for, and Love Hope and Happiness for 2015!

Please note this post has been moved over from my old blog…it is not almost Christmas…do not panic!

Stevie x

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