Things I have Liked / Loved This Month: January

Okay, so I am a tiny bit late with this post…but sssh, let’s all pretend it’s still January, just whilst you read this! In no particular order, here’s a little list of the things I have liked and loved this month (*cough*)….


1. My new Marks and Spencer jumper! We popped to Truro last week on a ridiculously cold day, and I saw this as a perfect excuse to treat myself (or rather convince Si to treat me).  It really is the most cosy jumper I’ve ever owned!


A Cornish Mum



2. Making so many new blogger friends! I can’t actually believe how many lovely like-minded (i.e completely nutty) people I have been in contact with lately, and how much support so many of you have given me as a new blogger! Much bloggy love to all of you!


3. Pieces of You by Ella Harper! I have reviewed this book on here and so many of you will already know how much I loved reading this book! An amazing tear jerker of a read!


4. My new blog! This is actually my second blog, as I was previously over at blogspot blogger for around a month before I decided I wanted my own self hosted dot com, and more control over what I could and couldn’t do. I’m loving my new blog, and 2015 is looking like being very exciting!!


5. The fact that so many people with Type 1 Diabetes, or that have a child with Type 1 Diabetes have reached out to me in some way since I started this blog. The idea that I can possibly help or support others going through what we have and do go through, is pretty fantastic as far as I am concerned!


Type 1 Diabetes blood test kit


6. Lily and Me! A fab online shop I’ve discovered lately that sells gorgeous gifts for pregnant women or new parents! They sell breastfeeding side reminder bracelets that are gorgeous, hospital bag kits, the most gorgeous handmade blankets, and much more! They even donate 10% of all their sales of their handmade knitted blankets and boot sets to the charity MAMA Academy! Please take note family and friends if I do let my broodyness do what it wants to, that I love pretty much everything on this site! *hint* *hint* in case that wasn’t brazen enough?!


 7. My new ‘invention’ of a game on Twitter! In the past month on Twitter I have mentioned a charity event that my boyfriends fab nephew Brandon is organising, the minion fun run , and ever since I have had ‘minions’ popping up all over the place on my followers list. I then mentioned Elvis in a post for Bloggers Required, which they shared on Twitter, and suddenly I was inundated with follows from various ‘reincarnations’ of ‘the King’.


For my own amusement recently, I have randomly mentioned some different famous people, or cartoon characters, to see how if I could get a follower of that name to follow me. When I do get a follower by that name I call it a ‘Bingo!’, and this is how ‘Twitter Bingo‘ was born…in my head, but I would love any of my fellow Twitterers to join in, so I am not the only crazy looking one on there!!


A few days ago I had a ‘Bingo!’ for a#smurfs with a Smurfette that started to follow me on Twitter! If you fancy joining in with my blatant oddness, then try it yourselves, and tag me into your post @stevie_couch and give it a #twitterbingo and let me know how you get on! Just remember though, a lot of these people are spammers, so only follow them back if you really want to, and remember you do have the option to mute or block them on there!


8. Aero Hazelnut desserts! The only bad things about these is that they are limited edition. They are ridiculously tasty, only 85 calories, and I keep hiding my stash in the top of the fridge, but everyone keeps finding them grrr!


9. My new mini iPod that my mini men and Si gave me for Christmas! It’s perfect for on my treadmill, and I love all sorts of music…plus it’s pink!





That’s it for January! Hopefully I will be a little better organised and get February’s things I’ve liked/loved‘s post up before the 1st March…no promises though!!


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  1. 4 February 2015 / 4:00 pm

    Love your #twitterbingo idea! I may well give it a go. My youngest is mad on minions so might start there! Hope your having a good week xx

    • 4 February 2015 / 4:55 pm

      I am lovely thank you, and I hope you are! I’ll look out for your new minion buddies on there! ;) x

  2. HonestMum
    8 February 2015 / 10:26 am

    Those mini aeros look yum! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

    • 8 February 2015 / 5:14 pm

      They are ridiculously so! Only problem is everyone else in the house likes them now, so I’m forced to share!

  3. 8 February 2015 / 3:56 pm

    Hah ha, twitterbingo, that’s a new one! I have noticed the same, sometimes you get pretty random followers when you’ve hastagged something a bit out of the ordinary. And a usual non-follow a week or so later :)

    Nice jumper btw, suits you well :) Popping over from #brillianblogposts and hope I am not too cheeky but I’ve recently set up a Monthly Roundup linky if you are interested in linking your future roundup posts there too :) Here’s the link to the latest one

    • 8 February 2015 / 5:18 pm

      I mentioned on Twitter today that it was the first day in months I have woken up with no back pain (and it’s still staying away …crossed fingers, touch wood and all that malarky!), and I have had sooo many pain ‘specialists’, alternative medicine type people retweeting me as if they had some sort of hand in this it’s unreal lol! Has taught me to take some things on there with a pinch of salt! I’ll have a look at your link ups tomorrow or later if I get the chance! Had a fab day out, and now have tonnes of catching up to do :) x