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Things I Have Liked / Loved This Month – November

Time for my favourite post each month. I love thinking back over everything that I have liked and loved over the month for this post. It’s my happy post, although I find it hard to believe it’s near the end of November already.

Here’s November’s list.

Our Silverspring Holiday – We went away on a glamping holiday at the end of October, and came home at the beginning of November. We had a brilliant time in our pod, which was only 40 minutes from home.


My new (to me) car – My old car was so slow that it drove Si a bit mad to drive it, especially as St Austell where we live is not short on hills. My new car is a diesel Vauxhall Astra estate and she is a powerful beauty. My car came from my newest advertiser Steve Hall, whose ad you can see in my sidebar at the moment.

Visiting St Michael’s Mount – We went there whilst on our holiday, and I actually thought I’d been there before with my school as a child, but I was wrong. It was the first time any of us had been there, and we loved it. I’ll be posting about it soon, but here’s a little sneak peek.

St Michael's Mount

My DA going up – For all non bloggers or website owners out there, DA is Domain Authority and it pretty much is an indicator of how likely you will be to show up in search results – an important thing for anyone who wants a successful site. For those in the know, mine jumped from 25 to 30 which I’ve been told is really good for a ten month old site.

Hibernating – With the awful weather we’ve had lately, I’ve enjoyed the excuse to stay snuggled up inside. I worked on a recipe post for Clover lately as well, which means we had loads of tubs here and I’ve been enjoying it on crumpets – the perfect hibernation food as far as I’m concerned.


My Tots 100 Score – Out of over 8000 parenting blogs ranked by Tots 100, my blog is currently number 122 which I am very proud of.

Bloggers event – I went to a special bloggers’ tea tasting event with Birchalls Tea during November, which I will be writing about very shortly. It was a lovely event though and I got to meet some lovely people. That’s all I’m telling you for now though ;)

My World Diabetes Day Post – Being a subject so very close to my heart with one of my sons having Type 1 Diabetes, I am very proud that my Faces of Type 1 post was shared al over social media and has had over 1300 views so far.

My competitions – I used to love entering competitions, and it makes me smile that this month I have had and do have so many competitions running on my blog, as I love that I get to make some people smile and be excited with an email to tell them they’ve won.

More time with the boys – I left the most important til last, as this is the one that has made me smile the most. The plus side to the rubbish weather and it being dark earlier, is that the boys aren’t out playing as much. Selfish I know, but I’ve loved having them indoors more and spending more time watching films together and enjoying family time.

What have you liked and loved this month?

Stevie x


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