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Things I Liked and Loved in August 2017


Time for my usual monthly post on what I have liked and loved this month. This time for August 2017! Considering it has been the school holidays, our August has been pretty relaxed.


We have been out and had fun, but with the decidedly soggy weather we have also spent plenty of time just relaxing at home and the boys have spent a lot of time with their friends too. I found it very easy to choose this month’s likes and loves.


Flambards Fireworks


We were invited to visit Flambards to watch their fireworks recently and we all had a great night. Si and I both love fireworks and we try to watch them whenever we can.


Fireworks Flambards


Nerf gun war


We told the boys on one day that they could choose whatever they wanted to do as a family. Their choose was a Nerf Gun war and I discovered just how much those little bullets hurt when a vengeful 11 year old is shooting you in the head with them. It was absolutely hilarious and Si definitely got a little bit carried away.



Being busy with work


After a slightly quiet July work wise, August started with a really busy email inbox for me and I’ve been flat out trying to balance work and spending time with the boys. Luckily one of my biggest projects has been one where they’ve enjoyed getting involved and helping out. I’ve also made sure that we’ve had plenty of family time.


Having all of my boys at home



I have loved having the boys at home with me this summer, I actually don’t want them to go back to school! We also had Simon at home with us for a week for a nice change too.


Sea fishing


We had a brilliant night sea fishing, I didn’t fish myself as Si was teaching the boys how to fish with the two rods. They loved it and I really enjoyed sitting in the evening sun watching them and enjoying the views.


making memories and perfect moments


Having a finished bedroom


Si painted our bedroom and fitted a new carpet and our bedroom is finally finished and looking lovely. He built some gorgeous wardrobes in there earlier in the year and it just all looks so nice now it’s finished. We still have decorating to do … we always seem to have some sort of decorating to do! However it really is getting there now.


What was great about your August?


Stevie x


  • Emma

    Your bedroom sounds lovely. We moved last September and still have boxes. I’m keen for the bedroom to be a little sanctuary but it’s so hard to get anything done with a two year old.

  • Newcastle Family Life

    It sounds like you have had a great month, the fireworks look great. I bet it is so nice having a finished bedroom, I am dreaming of the day that we are finished decorating – it is never ending! I bet the boys had great fun having a nerf war x

  • Rebecca

    Ahh sounds fab! Si looks ready for war in that getup! :D Stunning views of the sea there. Ahh finally a finished bedroom! I can’t see us ever finishing ours

  • natalie

    Sounds like a lovely month. It has been so lovely having our children off with us, I am dreading them going back!!

    You sound like us in our home, there is always somewhere to decorate. I would love to try and do something nice with our bedroom but we are at the bottom of a very long list! #likedandloved

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