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Thunderbirds are Go!

I was invited to take part in a Twitter party for Thunderbirds recently, but sadly I wasn’t available at the time that it was going to be on. However, luckily the lovely people in charge of the new Thunderbirds Are Go sent the boys a lovely bag of Thunderbirds’ goodies anyway.

In my day (oh wow do I sound old right now) Thunderbirds were slightly odd puppets, that used to give me as a child the creeps a little bit. I would like to point out I didn’t watch it in 1965 when it first came out, I’m not quite that old, we had video cassettes with it on.

Thunderbirds has been completely revamped though in a new television series that only launched on ITV in March of last year. The new Thunderbirds are a much more modern and exciting version that are a mix of CGI animation and live action sets. Here are the goodies the boys were lucky enough to receive.


Thunderbirds goodies


I wasn’t sure at first whether Thunderbirds would be any good for my boys as they are getting older and have clear opinions and distinct tastes in their television watching. I was right with Fin at 11 and a half and not a big fan of television anyway, he really wasn’t interested in watching the dvds we received – he loved the headphones and the Thunderbirds drinks bottle though.

Harley was a different story, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to watch it as it wasn’t something he’d seen before, but as soon as it started he was hooked and he’s watched several episodes already.


Thunderbirds are go


Thunderbirds is so different now, it’s exciting and They have kept so many of the old characters though, so I expect parents and grandparents who enjoyed watching the show the first time around, will enjoy watching it with their children now and comparing the old versus the new. For me the new definitely wins.

Parker even has the same man doing his voice as in the original version, which is pretty amazing. This time around I am actually enjoying Thunderbirds, even if I am probably too old to be admitting that. I’m looking forward to curling up with Harley this weekend and watching some more. We may even convince Fin to try it out ;)

Thunderbirds Are Go is on CITV on weekdays at 5.30pm for anyone who isn’t already watching it!


Stevie x


*we were send a goody bag for the purpose of this post, but all thoughts and opinion are my own and honest*

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