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Trying New Things in 2018: Mollie Makes and Crochet

Mollie Makes Magazine and an attempt at crochet


I decided at the beginning of this year that I wanted 2018 to be a year of trying new things, especially new hobbies.


In recent months for pretty much the first time in my life, I have struggled to get to sleep at night and I suspected that it could be because I spend too much time stressing, working on screens and my mind is always way too busy.


Hence why I thought maybe a new hobby could be a way to relax in the evenings and take me away from my laptop more often. I started off recently trying to learn to crochet using videos on YouTube. I’m improving, though I have to admit I’m still a bit hopeless at it.


Yarn wool for crochet


I do however find it weirdly relaxing and on the evenings when I’m trying to practice what I’ve learned via the YouTube videos and I’m just sat there making chain stitches, I actually get to sleep a lot more quickly. I guess the relaxing powers of crochet and knitting aren’t a myth after all!


I’m currently working with¬†and one of the magazines that they have sent me to try out is Mollie Makes, which I love as it has given me all sorts of ideas for other hobbies and crafts to try. There’s a real mix inside the pages and my first copy came with a free banner stitch kit.


Mollie Makes magazine


Completely the kit involved me doing cross stitch, which I haven’t done in well over ten years. It was fun to have a reason to give it another go. I found it really easy to do and I think my completed banner is pretty cool. I loved that the banner kit with the Mollie Makes magazine from came with everything that I needed, including the needle which saved me hunting around for one.


Mollie Makes banner kit


Mollie Makes be kind banner


I am actually tempted to unpick my banner, paint it white and change the colour of the stitching to match the purples that we have in our bedroom. As much as I love it, I would love it to fit in with our bedroom decor. The writing on the banner made me smile, as ‘be kind’ is definitely a motto that I think everyone should have for life, the world would be a much better place!


There are loads of other ideas of crafts to make in the Mollie Makes magazine this month and I can’t wait to see what’s in the next edition too. I’m definitely looking forward to trying lots of other new things in 2018 and sharing them with all of you as well. What is our favourite hobby or craft?


Stevie x

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  • Ellen Couch

    And I’m sure you will pass them on to the craft nut side of the family when you’re done with them (hint hint) lol xxx

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