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Tween and Teen Social Media

There’s no denying that Tweens and Teens are keen on any type of social media that we will allow them to use.


Social Media



It often starts with the XBOX Live or Playstation Plus chats with their friends online and then they want Instagram, Snapchat etc etc. The Teen and Tween social media world is a little different to the ‘grown-up’ one though.


In the world of Tweens and Teens some of their favourite types of social media are for the following;




This is mostly for saying how ‘sick’ everything is – that means they like it by the way. It’s for posting hundreds of selfies with pouty lips and asking your friends if you should keep the photo or if you look too ‘lolz’ and ‘gross’.


Tagging every person you know in a random photo to tell them how amazing they are and how much they mean to you and besties bff’s forever totes! Also for using emojis for all emotions and taking random photos of things in your bedroom. Basically it’s Through The Keyhole modern style … though no Tween will have a clue what I’m on about there.


If you haven’t heard of this one, it is basically lip synching whilst recording yourself posing to a song. Pretty much karaoke without the actual singing or any real skills. They think that they pretty much invented this, but I was ‘singing’ along with a hairbrush as my microphone in the mirror to Take That way before they were born … and only a little bit since.


If you see a teen walking along the street waving their hands at their camera phone and striking poses or generally looking like they have ants in their pants, then it is either or Facetime.




Oh the joy of Facetime. I am pretty sure you all know what this is, but if not think phone call with added video. Facetime is free over Wi-Fi, which means that in the school holidays the boys can talk to their friends constantly … loudly … for free! They can even use their phones and tablets to talk to more than one friend at a time.


It may only be the two of them at home, but sometimes it sounds like they’ve moved in a noisy army of other children. We have also now banned Face timing downstairs. When you’re sat in your worst slightly (very) tight and very bobbly pyjamas straight after tea, you really don’t want to suddenly be put on screen with their friends, or worse still their mothers who are also in the background desperately trying to jump out of sight.


How can I panic tidy before people come over if they see the house before ever setting foot in it?! One of the boys used to take their Facetime buddies on tours of the house, with a running commentary … ‘My Mum said she’s going to tidy that up after she’s finished drinking her coffee, but she’s had two coffees and it’s still there. She made me tidy my room though’.


Facetime is awful in so many ways. Even worse when you do it by accident yourself. Although when wearing a green face mask, it is fun to suddenly pop your face into your child’s Facetime conversation.




This one, the boys don’t use but, as far as I can tell it is just an excuse to put funny hats on yourself and talk rubbish? Or put butterflies on your head and weird flecks in your eyes … Or make yourself into a dog with floppy ears … I’m almost tempted to try it, I like butterflies.




XBOX Live and Playstation Plus


This is where they can talk to their friends through their games consoles. I say talk … it is mostly shouting, in fact all shouting. All the time … I am so thankful that on dry days the boys are outside playing with their friends a lot, but on the rainy days my ears are tortured non stop.


I don’t just listen to my two argue any more I can hear their friends arguing with their siblings. Admittedly though I do quite like overhearing when the other parents lose their you know what over it. Good to know I’m not the only one who sounds a bit evil and impatient at times.


As much as some of these drive me mad sometimes, I am actually so happy for them that they have so many ways to chat to their friends. Their friends are all lovely too in their own noisy way. I suspect I’ll be learning about a whole new range of types of social media over the coming years as the boys get older.


Sadly I suspect they will end up having to teach me how to use some of it … I feel old.


Stevie x


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