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My Twinkl Review.


After my recent Making Learning Fun post, I was asked by Twinkl to review their site. I have to confess, I had no idea who or what Twinkl were at first, but after going to their website I realised although I had not heard of them before, I HAD seen some of their educational resources in my own home.


Twinkl is a website with a huge quantity of educational resources, which are of such a great quality that they are loved and used by teachers, teaching assistants and childminders,( and all sorts of others I’d imagine) including my own sons’ school.


I recognised a few items within the massive amount of ones Twinkl have online, that had been sent home as homework for my children! Although Twinkl is a school used website, that doesn’t mean it is only for schools, as it really is also brilliant for helping children to do extra work at home, and for getting your younger children ready for starting school, by practising things such as pencil control, letter sounds and much more.


Twinkl educational site


Twinkl has everything imaginable for learning, including board games, wordsearches, craft ideas, fine motor skills help, colouring pages, recipe sheets, dot to dot sheets, number bonds cards, flash cards, certificates and rewards, a lot of SEN resources, just to mention a small portion of a huge range!


Any subject at a primary school level that you can think of, and they seem to have a resource to help you. Many of these are made so fun, that your child won’t even realise they are learning, which is the best way I have found to get my children to willingly learn new things! I will have another post up about this soon, with other ways we try to make learning fun at home.


Twinkl even has a dedicated ‘Parents’ section with reward charts and loads of resources to try new fun learning activities with your children, and there is even a Minecraft section with a few ideas in, and a parties section with printables including bunting, invites, thank you notes and much more.


Minecraft on Twinkl


However there is no reason at all just to keep to the parent section, because as well as the resources I have already mentioned, there are over 200,000 resources on Twinkl with more added all the time, so anything you can think of that you want to teach your child about or help them with, there is likely to be a helpful resource available, and if by some rare chance there isn’t, then it is likely to be on the way.


Telling the time resources



Sen speech and language resources on Twinkl


Twinkl is free to register, and to use a lot of the resources, but does have different levels of membership that give you access to extra resources. It is only £29.95 a year for their Gold membership, and their top membership the Platinum is only £44.95 for a year.


Really reasonable prices in my opinion for what they offer, and the majority of their resources are available with the free membership, plus I can understand they need to charge for access to some things because whilst providing a brilliant service, they do have to cover their own running costs!


I was given a years Platinum membership to give me full access to the whole site for this review, and I have to say my membership has come in handy already. In fact it has taken me longer to get to writing this review than I intended, as I got carried away printing lots of different activities and sheets, and starting to use them with my own boys! As I have previously stated on this blog, one of my boys has been struggling at school, and Twinkl has been a big help with this over the last week.


Although maths is his favourite subject, and indeed his best subject, he has really been struggling to understand division, but with the help of loads of sheets of resources I found on Twinkl and used with him over the last week, I think we are finally getting somewhere!


I have also found a lot of the resources a big help for myself, as when I was at school a lot of the language of how things were described and the methods of doing things were different than how my boys are expected to do things. Added to which a lot of my maths skills are a little rusty (embarrassingly so!), so Twinkl has been good for me to ‘teach’ myself things before I try to help them, and then pretend that I have known them all along….


The resources on Twinkl really have been a good refresher course for me, and have helped me to understand how to help them better and I am thrilled that they have been kind enough to give me a years membership, as we will definitely be using it a lot in future.


One feature that I thought was great, was their ‘create‘ section where you can actually use their templates, and use them to help create your own unique learning items, which you can even share on Twinkl afterwards if you like for others to use. I used it to print several empty clock faces to laminate and let my boys use pens on to practice their time telling, as for some reason neither of them can get the hang of it. Possibly modern technology that just tells you the time is to blame for this lack of skill? Do anyone else’s children struggle with this?


They also have an online forum with different areas to chat on, although the Parent section sadly seems a little under utilised at the moment, but I think this is possibly due to not many people realising it is there. I thought I would give it a mention though, as it’s always handy to have a place to talk to other parents for advice and to keep sane! Hopefully the more people know about it, the more it will get used, as it seems like a good idea to me, and it can be helpful when trying to teach your children things at home to hear of the methods that have worked for other parents.


Having read this review I am pretty sure you have worked out that I highly recommend Twinkl, and I promise you it is not because they have given me a free membership, as to be honest a free membership of something I didn’t like really wouldn’t be much of an incentive!


Stevie x



  • Brigitte

    Twinkl is a brilliant site. I use it all the time at work, but as you said, it can be used at home too. Lots of great resources and ideas. Be careful though, it’s easy to get carried away printing lots of great things and running out of ink ! xx

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