Unannounced Visitors with David Nieper

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Every week I give my house a big clean, usually on a Friday as that’s bin day here and I love to start the weekend with a clean house. It looks so much better afterwards. Of course no one at all comes over on the clean and tidy days!


It’s sod’s law isn’t it, that no-one ever just pops over unannounced when you have a sparkling clean house. Nope, they all come over on the days when you couldn’t be bothered to wash the dishes, the bin is overflowing because EVERY blinking person in the house thinks that they can just fit that one last piece of rubbish in and you’re still in your pyjamas at lunchtime.


It would be okay if they were any of these classy looking cotton ladies pyjamas from David Nieper. I’m actually a little bit in love with the ones with the pink roses on.


David Nieper cotton ladies pyjamas


But, nope the day that people pop over and you’re still wearing your pyjamas is also always guaranteed to be the day when you couldn’t find a matching pair of pyjamas. A Christmas top, plus clashing bright red hearts on the trousers and socks with a hole in. Not to mention yesterday’s make-up, it’s a strong look.


On the days when I have a clean house, I almost feel the urge to send photos of the house to the poor person who pop over unannounced previously. Just as a little “see it doesn’t always look like we’ve just hosted a rave” visual reminder.


DIY Blue kitchen project after photos


If it’s a day when the house looks spotless and I have even straightened my hair and gotten dressed very early on, even the ruddy postman doesn’t come over. Honestly I promise our house doesn’t always look a mess and neither do I, sometimes we both look okay, you can just guarantee that the day we both look at our worst, is the day we get visitors ha!


In my head I decided that this will be the year that I will always have the house ‘visitor ready’, a little New Years Resolution that is such a lie even I didn’t believe it as I was thinking it and I avoided writing it down in case I was actually expected to try to stick to it.


Maybe my New Year’s Resolution should have been to earn enough money to employ a cleaner, or just close all the curtains and pretend to be out when the door goes?! Or to actually buy some pyjamas like the classy looking ones above.


Do you find that people only pop over when the house is a mess or when you are dressed in your worst pyjamas?! Please tell me it isn’t just me that this constantly happens to?


This is why I am kind and always text or ring someone to tell them that I am popping over, no surprise visits here ha!


Stevie x


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    • 19 January 2018 / 11:29 pm

      I wouldn’t mind them if they arrived when I’d finished cleaning the house, those precious few moments before it looks lived in again ha!

      Stevie xx