UV Buddy Bracelet Review – Sun Safety.


I have recently been asked to review a bracelet from the UV Buddy collection, they are a Cornish company who design and create ultraviolet reactive jewellery and accessories. I had the choice of which bracelet to order for myself, so of course I opted for the Cornish coloured one.


Cornwall Colour UV Buddy

I love my new bracelet, but it’s really not just a fashion accessory. The wonderful husband and wife team at UV Buddy have created a range of bracelets, rings, necklaces, bag charms, and many more for men, women and children.


Whilst these are different items, they all have one very important thing in common, they are all made with ultraviolet light detecting beads. These beads appear white when indoors and not subjected to any UV light, and darken (different beads have different colours within them) when exposed to ultraviolet light.


The amount that the beads darken depends on how much ultraviolet light there is, and I was amazed whilst testing my bracelet out, just how much UV there can be even on a cloudy day. On cloudy days it doesn’t occur to me to put sun cream on my children, as I wouldn’t have thought they needed it, but UV buddy has shown me I am definitely wrong, and that UV is very sneaky!


The photo below is my bracelet on a not very warm, cloudy day, notice my beads have still turned purple.


Cornwall UV Buddy

I love the fact that their range of products can help you to know when to put the sun cream on, and also work as a reminder to do so. If you put a little sun cream on one of their beads it actually stops from changing colour, or changes to a much lighter colour than the other beads, so it goes to show just what a difference sun cream can make in protecting you.


Along with my bracelet I also received a booklet from Skcin, who are a skin cancer charity that UV Buddy works with to raise awareness of skin cancer and to promote sun safety. The leaflet shows you how to spot abnormal moles, and gives you a small guide on skin cancer and sun safety.


It also tells you a scary fact, that just one blistering sunburn as a child or adolescent more than doubles a person’s chance of developing melanoma later in life.


As nice as it can feel to have a tan, after reading this booklet, I know I need to stop being vain and look after my skin better, and be more sun safe. I’m sure my UV Buddy bracelet will help me with that, as I have yet to take it off!


I love my bracelet, and I love that it has a use other than an aesthetic one. I would definitely recommend their products to anyone, as not only are they attractive, they will hopefully help to reduce the number of people getting sunburnt, and risking their health as a result. I’ve already been showing mine to a lot of Mum’s at school who agreed it’s a brilliant idea.


The lovely people at UV Buddy have also sent me a bracelet to give away as a competition prize, the entry is via rafflecopter below. This is what you could win…


UV Buddy Competition

All of UV Buddy’s products are very reasonably priced, so if you don’t win the competition or just want to buy your own, then you can go to the UV Buddy website. logo

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