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Veggie Trumps Review!

I have recently been trying to find new ways to make learning fun for my children, and have been having great success with the help of Twinkl and the Hall For Cornwall. My children have really been enjoying trying new ways of learning out, so I was pleased when I was recently contacted by Veggie Trumps on Twitter, with another new learning idea for them, that they wanted me to review.

Veggie Trumps are pretty much what they sound like, a card game that you play in a similar way to Top Trumps, and it obviously involves vegetables! Well in actual fact it involves fruit as well, but ‘Fruit and Vegetable Trumps’ doesn’t really sound all that catchy!

Veggie Trumps -

As soon as I mentioned the word ‘trumps’ my children were in hysterics in that special way, that little boys seem to have to find anything that could be vaguely rude sounding hilarious. I am pretty sure that part of their keenness to play Veggie Trumps, was the fact that they could then use the word ‘trump’ for hours afterwards with an excuse for a change. Are little girls any different? If so I shall hope for one of those next time!

We had fun playing the Veggie Trumps game, and I sadly discovered that my children didn’t actually know what the food on a few of the cards were, so we will be working on getting them to try more fruits and vegetables after this to broaden their taste buds and vitamin intake! We clearly fit right in to who the cards are aimed at, as one card does state that;

The aim of Veggie Trumps is to raise children’s awareness and familiarity of Fruits and Vegetables by learning about their nutritional values through a fun to play game.

Veggie Trumps Cards -

Instead of writing out exactly how to play I have cheated, so check out the image above for how to play! Small children can also join in with the game, as Veggie Trumps have cleverly included a traffic light system in the game. If you look at the pictures above you will see different colours next to the different nutritional values, and unlike the normal food traffic lights system you see on packaging, this is actually to show a cards ‘value’ in the game, and means that even non readers can play along!

I love the mini facts that they include at the bottom of the cards, is it very wrong that I now feel the need to go to buy some cherries, just so that I can be a woeful influence on my children by having a cherry pip spitting contest with them?!

Well really anything that encourages them to eat fruit and veg is good with me, hence why I really do like Veggie Trumps! I also now know that cauliflowers are actually underdeveloped flowers, rather than just ‘gross’ as my children have preferred to name them. Veggie Trumps have also included a healthy eating challenge on one card, which I thought was a great idea!

Veggie Trumps Back of Card -

Veggie Trumps are especially good for us as a family to play, as my eldest son has Type 1 Diabetes. For those of you that don’t really know what this means, basically his pancreas is Kaput and no longer makes insulin for him, therefore he needs injections every day (5 a day ironically give the subject of this post) to stay alive, and to work out how much insulin we need to give him we have to do carbohydrate counting.

This is where Veggie Trumps is helpful for us, as I am currently gradually teaching my son to carb count his own meals, and as you can see from the photo above Veggie Trumps includes carbohydrate content as one of their Trump values! For anyone wondering, the carbohydrates listed are per 100g of the raw fruit or vegetable. I won’t go in to carbohydrate counting any more on this post, as that really belongs in my Type 1 Diabetes section, and would probably bore those that don’t have to live it!

The boys loved playing Veggie Trumps, and Veggie Trumps have kindly offered the chance for you to see if your own child (grandchild, god child, random child of a random person you know) would like the game as well, by allowing me to offer you the chance to win one of four packs of the cards. To enter the competition give-away, you can fill in your details on the rafflecopter below. None of the entries are mandatory (although you need to do at least 1 to enter) but the more you do, the more chances you have to win.

If you don’t win and fancy some of these yourself, then you can visit to buy some or to check out their blog and online game!
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  • Kat | Beau Twins

    Oh wow – these look great. My two scoff fruit and veg like it’s going out of fashion. Too young for this now but would be such a great tool for when they are older. Great review lovely. xxx

  • Ali

    My boys would love this game purely down to the rude name! It looks fab and would be a great resource for schools to help them promote their healthy eating policy (may even get it myself for my after school club healthy eating policy) #KidTested

  • Natasha Mairs

    My kids love top trumps and these look great!! perfect for learning about healthy food while having fun.
    My fav fruit is pineapple and fav veg are brussel sprouts

  • VeggieTrumps

    Thanks for the lovely review!

    So happy that people are liking the idea – it has taken us a while to get it to market :)

    Good luck to all in the competition

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