My Waist Training Diary with Slimming Solutions

Waist training isn’t something I had actually considered before, until I received an email asking if I would like to review a waist trainer from Slimming Solutions. Even then it wasn’t my waist I was thinking of, but of trying to get rid of my back and hip pain.

For the last two years I have had niggly back and hip pain on and off, at times it is unbearable and at others it really is just a niggle. In the mornings I tend to be stiff and achy, and I suspect it may be partly down to posture as I really am a sloucher. Everything else has been ruled out via x rays, physiotherapy and blood tests, so at this point I have been willing to try anything to help it.

My Waist Training Diary


Waist training is said to help your posture and back pain so I decided to say yes to the review. The waist trainer I was sent was a black latex Ann Chery waist cincher. I was surprised and impressed by the look of it, I’m not one to usually wear latex items of clothing… ha so luckily it doesn’t look too much like something straight out of 50 shades of grey. Si did however mention that it looks good on.

Anyway, I kept a diary whilst trying out the waist trainer so that I could let you know day to day what it was actually like to wear it and of course let you know the results at the end.


Friday 11th March

The waist trainer arrived at lunch time, so I did my starting measurements – I’ll list these at the end. I popped the thing on – picture trying to shoe horn a big ham joint in to a handbag and getting it zipped up (it actually has hook and eye fastenings but you get the idea) and you won’t be far off how attractive I looked and felt putting it on. I could only do it up to the loosest set of hook and eyes.

Amazingly though once it on my jeans are looser than usual and it looked kind of …. good. My chest was also suddenly trying to meet my chin.

I went to pick the boys up from their schools and discovered that the waist cincher strangely made my chest more ‘jiggly’ for want of a better word. Decided there and then that to make sure my children didn’t completely disown me I’d be only wearing it at home or out of school pick up times from now on.

I wore the waist trainer for 6 hours that day as reccomended by the Slimming Solutions website, and had an achy rib cage at the end of it. Reading up online afterwards though, I found out that for waist training novices, the general consensus seems seems to be that you are better off starting to wear it for 2 hours and build up to longer.

I made the big mistake of eating pizza for tea whilst wearing it – there really was no room left for simple things like breathing. Its a strange feeling wearing it, it feels like you’re really using your abdominal muscles (I have some in there somewhere) when breathing, as it takes more effort.


Saturday 12th March

Completely forgot to wear it – no excuses other than Saturday sleepy headed brain.


Sunday 13th March

Sensibly wore it for 2 hours this evening, and found other than not being able to bend easily, it was surprisingly comfortable once I got used to it when standing. Being short though, found when sitting it was having some serious arguments with the underwire of my bra. Much more comfortable once I was only wearing it and my pyjamas.


Monday 14th March


I managed 3 hours of wearing it after tea and realised I’m finding it more comfortable as time goes on even when sitting – maybe I have stretched the latex already eek.


Tuesday 15th March


I wore it for most of the evening from 6pm until 11pm it was mostly comfortable, but as the evening wore on I realised just how much I usually slouch, as I was desperate to do so. Strangely when I’m wearing the trainer I feel taller, I suspect because I’m actually stood or sat completely straight for a change. Even when I’m not wearing it now, I seem to be sat up straighter.


Wednesday 16th March


I woke this morning with no pain or stiffness at all for the first time in a long time. No idea if its the waist trainer, but I do suspect not being able to slouch was actually beneficial. Wore the trainer all afternoon and in to the evening – 5 hours and was actually comfortable. Also found today when not wearing it that my jeans are still feeling loose like they do when I am wearing it.

Not the clearest of photos below, but you get the general idea of how it looks on. It’s also quite pretty with stitching detail to the boned parts.


Waist Trainer cincher


Thursday 17th March


Only a little bit of stiffness and back/hip pain this morning, so little it didn’t slow me down at all for the day. I have also discovered that I can now do the waist trainer up on the second set of hook and eyes, so either my waist is smaller or I really have stretched it. Wore it for 4 hours.

With it on the second set of hook and eye fastenings, I do have more obvious red lines on my stomach when I take it off from where the boned parts have dug in. My advice – never wear it on a date unless you plan on keeping it on the whole night when you’re with them, it’s not a pretty look.


Friday 18th March


Woke up today feeling achy all over other than my usual dodgy hip and back funnily enough. Also full of cold. Since I am struggling to breathe anyway decided today would be a non waist training day as I think breathing isn’t really something that is optional.

Plus we were headed to a friend’s birthday party this evening and I think I may have overheated in the trainer. It makes you quite warm, not excessively so but I’m not sure I’d fancy waist training during a heatwave.


Saturday 19th March


Wore the waist trainer for five hours today as luckily I’m feeling a lot better, it was on the second lot of hook and eyes again and comfortable. Feeling quite slinky… as in quite sleek, not like one of those toys that works it’s way down the stairs.




I am actually in shock. I spent ages looking for the tape measure today and wondering why I was bothering as I’d more than likely have the exact same measurements as just over a week ago…. only once I found the tape measure I was proved wrong. This week I have actually put on a lb in weight, so I haven’t lost any or done anything else differently other than waist training.

Somehow though here are my comparative measurements;


Smallest part of my waist before 32 inches – afterwards 30.5 inches

Under bust before 33 inches – afterwards 31 inches

Under ribcage before 32 inches – afterwards 30.5 inches

Hips before 38 inches – afterwards 37 inches.


That is a total of 6 inches lost in the places I measured, and I really can not explain it. I used the same tape measure both times, I was extra careful both times and like I said even put on a teeny bit of weight. I measured my bum before and after (that is definitely staying private) and it stayed exactly the same, so it isn’t that fat has migrated thankfully.

The only explanation is that waist training is pretty amazing, and I will be continuing with it as this week not only is my waist smaller, but my initial goal of less pain has been reached as well. I feel pretty good to be honest….. and wishing that thigh trainers were a thing. Actually I think I’ve seen a thigh trainer before, but it looked more like a medieval form of torture so completely different!

My waist shaper costs £63 from the Slimming Solutions site if you want to try it yourself, please do let me know how you get on if you do! I’m going to carry on with mine, not for a tiny waist but because I am really loving the reduction in pain – my new slinkier waist is just a lovely bonus.

Stevie x

*I was sent a waist trainer for the purpose of this review but all opinions and thoughts are my own and honest as always*

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  1. 20 March 2016 / 8:50 pm

    That’s so interesting! What a great result! Would be super if you had an event to get in shape for maybe? Well done on a great week xxx

  2. 20 March 2016 / 9:55 pm

    Oh wow, that’s amazing! I’ve seen all the celeb pics and thought it was just another fad but it sounds great. I could do with one of these before my holidays next month!

  3. 20 March 2016 / 10:45 pm

    I’m totally intrigued as to where the ‘mass’ goes if it is no longer on your waist, especially as you haven’t lost weight. I really like the sound of the fact it doesn’t allow you to slouch, it’s so sensible to try to maintain a good posture.

  4. 21 March 2016 / 12:22 am

    This is really interesting! Especially from the back pain point of view and keeping posture; two things that I have struggle with. I’m wondering, seriously, if this is something that has a “for men” application and if it does I would love to know about it! Possibly not telling the world that I’m wearing one….but definitely sounds beneficial from the health pov. As for slimming…..well I have been looking a little podgy since Christmas ;)

  5. 22 March 2016 / 11:18 pm

    I want to know how this works!! I would love to have a waist again! x

  6. There's always time for tea
    26 March 2016 / 12:33 pm

    That’s really interesting, I’ve heard of them but thought they were only for month or so after birth! Did you find it forced you to keep good posture? I have a bad lower back from bad posture/carrying Anest, think I will look into them! You had awesome results, well done! xx

  7. Lora
    20 June 2016 / 8:08 am

    Great article